The tube is more efficient under Boris than Ken says Ch. 4 Factcheck

Impartial Channel 4 FactCheck proves that the tube has become far more efficient under Boris Johnson than under his predecessor, Red Ken.borisandken2Factcheck says:

“We simply totted up all the figures for every Tube line in every four-week spell under Boris’s term so far and under Ken’s second term, then took the average for both.

Here’s what we found:data FactCheck: More Tube delays under Ken or Boris?So there was a negligible difference on stations, but Boris was slightly ahead. Performance was significantly better during an average four-week period under Boris in terms of the number of delayed journeys and excess journey time.

The most dramatic difference was in lost passenger hours – a million a month more, on average, under Ken than under Boris.”

The verdict

The figures speak for themselves, and the difference in passenger hours lost – an average of a million a month more under Ken – is particularly striking.

This isn’t the final word on Ken versus Boris, but if Boris Johnson’s opponents want to put his stewardship of public transport at the heart of this election battle, they will have to make a convincing case, at least as far as the Underground is concerned.

There is no doubt that fares have gone up under the Conservative mayor, but there is little evidence that delays and closures have gone up too.”

That was in the last election.  Since then, a huge effort by TfL has maintained the much needed changes required by the negligence of the Ken era.  Keep it up Boris.

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