The RMT like supermodels, are totally out of touch with reality

What has happened to the RMT? Far from being tough, the demands, the insults and the hissy fits from the unionists are more reminiscent of supermodels having a credit card strop than dedicated professionals.  Listening to the injured tone of the RMT negotiator, the flouncing hissy fits of Naomi Campbell, Kate Moss or Linda Evangelista spring to mind.katemossTube drivers won’t get out of bed for less than £136 a day before tax!  Most RMT members are on £50K a year.  (For full details of RMT pay scale click here. ) That’s before the 28 days holiday a year, (directors get 52 days)  5 day week and ability to choose their own hours are added to the package. It’s all “We want!” and most of all “Me, me, me!” (details of RMT benefits are here.) How can you be so mean to us? is the unspoken message in the resentful gaze of RMT officials. We aren’t demanding!  All we want is loadsa money for our members  and the perfect job in every detail for pushing a few buttons.   We want work/life guarantees. And pay rises of up to 25% over 5 years!

No wonder Boris Johnson, as Ken Livingstone did,  is leaving the talks to the City Hall negotiators.  The way things are going, if they don’t get what they want, they might burst into tears and sob all over his manly chest.  Or even need a hug.

Every RMT appearance hammers home the harsh truth.  The unions have  lost all touch with reality. They have no idea how tough life is for millions and how most are just glad at the end of the month to break even.  Union speak of representing working people, when it is obvious the days when that happened are long gone.

When told that their strikes are hurting the poorest, costing London millions and sending small businesses to the wall,  the callous response is “That’s the point, isn’t it!” Train drivers are at the top of  pay scale, but if you say there are people far more worthy than them of a pay  rise, like carers,  the reaction is “That’s their tough luck!  We’ve got the leverage.”  They strike because they can.  Untouched by the harsh realities of life, the diva tantrums are because they have actually come to believe their own PR.

Demanding.  Untalented.  Narcissistic.  Selfish.  But the unions believe they have the right to dictate.  If they don’t get everything they want,  London will pay.  What baby wants, baby gets.  Because she’s worth it.

4 responses to “The RMT like supermodels, are totally out of touch with reality

  1. To clarify, most RMT members are lucky to be on half of £50, so they happen to fit in nicely with your “They have no idea how tough life is for millions and how most are just glad at the end of the month to break even” statement.
    Nobody get 52 days of Holiday a year, only directors. They get 25 days rostered in weekly blocks which is everyone entitlement under UK employment law and 10 days, which includes the bank holidays, as like most workers in what was the public sector bank holidays are worked.. This blog is utter twaddle made up from half truths and bitterness.
    Deficit denies? Have you any real comprehension of how our current economics will hold all in the western world in permanent debt? It has nothing to do with a group of workers looking to hold on to their conditions which are being ridden roughshod over, you need to look far higher than that, even beyond the subject of your admiration the present Mayor of London.

    • Dear Mike, thanks for your helpful feedback. It was reported on the news that RMT members get 52 days hols. That is clearly wrong, I have corrected and apologise. I have linked to the RMT website re. benefits.

      i certainly do have a comprehension of the situation regarding the deficit. Deficit deniers ignore our national debt to demand huge pay rises, when we should be paying off that deficit.

    • Full details of pay scale are on the link. £136 a day for most tube drivers is correct, if they have been in job for more than 5 years – many have.

  2. Selfish beyond belief. Deficit deniers. disgusting.

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