Lots of customers for the cable cars, who call it a terrific tourist attraction

A friend and I went for a trip on the cable car today, and we found the service was doing brisk business.  The man handing out tickets told us that although not much used by people going to work, it is a lively tourist attraction at weekends and in the holidays. cablecarsbusySo much for the sneering reports from the left!  A young mum pushing two toddlers said the kids loved it and there was no problem with the easy access buggy,  you just pushed it straight in. It was her fifth trip and it was the same story from all the people with kids in the queue.

In rush hours, the cable cars are speeded up for the journey to take 5 minutes, but for tourists and visitors in the day, the cars are slowed down so you can enjoy the spectacular views.  At its highest point, a car is 90 metres from the earth,  and you can see landmarks such as the Wembley Arch, over 13 miles away, as well as the London Eye, the Shard, Royal Victoria Docks and the Queen Elizabeth Bridge.traitorsgateFunded mostly by the United Arab Emirate, the cable car is already fully paid for. We then went on to take a trip down the Thames, with more stunning views.  Ignore snivelling lefties, determined to slag off the dazzling achievements of our Mayor.  They never have a good word to say for anything Boris Johnson has created.

If you love London, this is the trip for you! The cable car is huge fun, and brilliant treat, not only for the kids, but for everyone who loves this city.  Finish off the day with a trip down the Thames.  It is so exciting to see the fantastic development of the area, and poignant reminders of British history, such as Traitors’ Gate.  London has never looked more beautiful.

One response to “Lots of customers for the cable cars, who call it a terrific tourist attraction

  1. Children love the cable car, mums have told me they want to go over and over again, and the service offers the most spectacular view of London ever. A must for tourists.

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