Rogue Protocol

In the latest Mission Impossible movie, (called Rogue Nation), the stunts are unbelievable, but the plot throws up interesting parallels with politics right now.  Ethan Hunt’s  division is suspended for misconduct by Alan Hanley,  the angry head of the CIA (a snotty Alec Baldwin).  Hanley think they have outlived their usefulness and create mayhem.  (As if!) SPOILERS.roguenationHunt and his pals don’t take the suspension lying down. They go off the grid, determined to track down a group of disavowed former agents and spies called the Syndicate, who have banded together to become, as Benji so eloquently calls it, the “anti-IMF.”

Ethan Hunt is a master of impersonation, a strategy he uses continually.   This is actually legal under the rules of the CIA, or he would never, ever do it. His job is made much harder by the enigmatic antics of a beautiful British spy, who right until the end, won’t reveal which side she’s on.

Things get so bad, that at one stage, the entire team is wanted by the CIA – Awesome, enthuses Jeremy Renner.

Another slip up involving the Prime Minister of the UK, causes Alec Baldwin to bark at the IMF “You’ve set back US/UK relations to the time of the American Revolution!”

Cynicism about the special relationship seems to prevail, (“There are no allies in statecraft.  Only common interest!”), but in the end, the British and the Amercians reaffirm their bond.  Alec Baldwin realises what matters – the IMF are devoted to the defence of the realm – and after all, Hunt makes sure Hanley gets all the credit for the dazzling success of the team.  The CIA head pleads their case to Congress, the IMF is reinstated and Hunt wins out by following the protocol.

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