Down but never out! The Boris saga is far from over

His rivals are so keen to write him off, they are tripping over themselves, but with Boris Johnson,  it is never that simple. In today’s London Standard,  Matthew d’Ancona astutely remarks: “Don’t be fooled that Boris’s star is waning.”borissmirk3He goes on:  ” One of the defects of our digital world is that baseless or half-true assertions can be amplified and broadcast more widely, more quickly than ever. The Boris Saga is in so many respects a soap opera that it requires its troughs as well as its peaks — and the Mayor was due a period of adversity in the storyline.”

We are masters of our own fate, but destiny plays a part.  When the Tories won an outright victory in GE15, it was meant to be that way.  Today a “fighting fit PM” declared “I’ll serve the full five years.”

It might surprise those who know what a confirmed Boris Johnson supporter I am that I am not surprised at this and I am glad. It was always David Cameron’s destiny to be our PM until 2020.  He deserves to fulfill that destiny and show the country what sort of Prime Minister he truly is.

George Osborne too deserves the chance to show what he is really made of.  Matthew d’Ancona has remarked before “I have written before, the relationship between Boris and George has never been as close or as venomous as has been variously claimed over the years.”

As for Boris Johnson, one of his greatest assets are his resilience and his strong sense of destiny.  We have free will, but destiny can never be denied.  It will take a little while for Boris’s charisma and brains to subjugate the House, but it’s an inevitable, unavoidable process.  So no, his star is not waning.  Il recule pour mieux sauter.

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