Marxist admirer Jeremy Corbyn will be no pushover

Intriguing article by Boris Johnson today in the Sun! “Corbyn gets top Marx for caring” says Bojo.  Boris points out that Corbyn is not actually the loony he is painted.  In retrospect, many of his ideas now look prescient.

Lenin, Staling and Trotsky

Lenin, Stalin and Trotsky

Bojo points out:  “Yes, he was one of the early campaigners against apartheid. Quite right, too — these days Mandela is regarded as a kind of modern saint.

Yes, he was in favour of bringing the IRA to the negotiating table, a view treated as semi-treacherous at the time.

These days he looks prescient — Martin McGuinness meets the Queen and no one bats an eyelid. Yes, he abominated the Iraq war and rebelled countless times against the government of Tony Blair.

But these days you look at what is happening in Iraq and Syria — the almost daily bombings and massacres — and you have to respect his judgment.

Sure, he spent decades campaigning for higher minimum wages for workers — and yet that ambition is now at the heart of Tory government policy.”

How Jeremy Corbyn voted in Parliament.  His differences with Labour are given here.

Asked if he was a Marxist, Corbyn said he believes everyone “owes a lot to Marx” and that lawmakers can “learn a great deal” from him.

When asked if he considered himself a Marxist he said it was “an interesting question” and “he was a fascinating figure who observed a great deal and from whom we can learn a great deal.

Karl Marx

Karl Marx

“Marx analysed what was happening in a quite brilliant way. The philosophy around Marx is absolutely fascinating.”

Corbyn voting Tories could find their tactics blow up in their faces if Jeremy won the leadership on an anti-austerity ticket and teamed up wth the SNP.

Jeremy Corbyn is passionate and authentic. He is light years ahead of The Plastics,  the bloodless, brainwashed lefty cowards running for the Labour leadership, who do nothing but react, instead of inspiring voters with the force of their ideas. Corbyn has already achieved the impossible.   He has breathed some life into the Labour cadaver, left for dead by Blair, Brown and a deeply confused Ed Miliband.

But Corbyn represents  the ideas of Labour from four decades ago.  How can such policies work now? And will he look so great hamstrung by the selfish unions, in a duo with dodgy Ken Livingstone? Mortally wounded by GE15, whether Labour’s malady will yet prove to be terminal remains to be seen.

In today’s Sunday Telegraph, Jeremy Corbyn said “We can learn from Karl Marx.”


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