Zac tells SNP horsetrading votes for cheaper fares would demean democracy

Nicola Sturgeon believes that it will be the  SNP that makes the decision on the 3rd runway at Heathrow, and she said the 56 SNP MPs will vote for  the decision that means the best deal for Scotland.sturgeonhelicopterThe London Standard reported: “In an exclusive interview with the Standard, SNP transport spokesman Drew Hendry declared the party was “neutral” between a third runway at Heathrow and a second at Gatwick.

The SNP would decide which airport to back after hearing how each would answer Scottish demands for cheaper ticket prices and guaranteed connections with international flights.”

It was a shock for Heathrow lobbyists who believed the SNP vote was in the bag, but the SNP has said they are neutral on Heathrow and Gatwick, clearly intending to sell their votes to the highest bidder.

Zac Goldsmith, hot favourite to be the Tory candidate to replace Boris Johnson rightly made the point that the matter should be settled on democratic principles, not horse trading for the best financial deal in exchange for Scottish votes.

Zac warned SNP MPs would be “crossing the line in terms of our democracy” if a deal is struck for cheaper flights for Scottish travellers in return for votes. This statement bodes well for the type of Mayor we can expect him to be if he wins the Mayoral election in 2016.

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