PM backed water cannon as “an issue of principle”

Even though the London riots in 2011 saw the worst violence in living memory and not just in London, there are still people, and I can hardly type this without shaking with anger, who describe London then as “peaceful”.boriscannon

David Cameron was a strong supporter of water cannon and backed their purchase as “an issue of principle”.  Boris Johnson bought them because of the PM’s support.

Where were these people when London was under attack from thugs and violent foreign activists?  There were 16,000 police needed on the London streets alone! 322 arrests were made.  44 cops were injured. 14 civilians were injured! One man died.  These are some of my tweets.

David Cameron rightly authorised @BorisJohnson to buy cannon then, but did a U turn after Bojo bought them.  @MayorofLondon… DISTURBING LEVELS OF VIOLENCE levelled at officers! @MayorofLondon We need those cannon! @BorisJohnson

On the one hand you blame the police, but when they ask for equipment that wud mean they could cope,/ @MayorofLondon @BorisJohnson

/you say they shouldnt have it. Same struggle next time!! 20,000 ppl rang cops for help!!!  @borisjohnson  @mayoroflondon

Cannot bear to listen to such ignorance. What May has done and her reasons for it truly terrible. Wud rather take a swipe at @mayoroflondon  @borisjohnson to make progress in leadership race.

Why water cannon R vital! @MayorofLondon @BorisJohnson  Read:

Terrifying riots. @BorisJohnson… LONDON IN LOCKDOWN as violence flares across UK,

Fear and terror! @MayorofLondon @BorisJohnson THREE NIGHTS SOLID of rioting and looting!

Huffpo report. @MayorofLondon @BorisJohnson… WORST VIOLENCE IN LIVING MEMORY!!!

London was peaceful?   suggest you look at these pictures.… @MayorofLondon @BorisJohnson #watercannon

During the riots, Londoners begged for water cannon. The first poll showed a 90% YES for the cannon, 78% wanted tear gas and 33% wanted live bullets. Later polls backed use of water cannon 72% and 68%. May’s reason that using cannon would damage community relations was made nonsense of by the polling.

Do the critics of the Mayor and the Met on this think this decision was taken lightly?  Not so! Every angle was investigated and carefully looked at.  All the cops and Boris wanted was to keep us safe!

David Cameron then was stoutly behind Boris and said The police must have the equipment they need!

London’s terrible tragedy and the tragedy for the police is that when push came to shove,  the PM and Home Secretary preferred to play political games than listen to  the needs of the city.

4 responses to “PM backed water cannon as “an issue of principle”

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  4. I don’t suppose they feel very proud of themselves. Then again, maybe they are dead to decency.

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