Hard liner Corbyn cannot see it is now the unions who exploit the needy

The Donovan cap is a dead giveaway.  Jeremy Corbyn, stuck in the sixties, is now first in line in the Labour leadership contest, to tittering from the Tories.  A protege of UNITE, Corbyn is an absolute relic, who calls Labour members “comrades” and backs a Soviet style “planned” economy.jeremycorbynUnite’s General Secretary Len McCluskey told Sky News that Mr Corbyn represented Labour’s core values – and that the party’s front bench needed to “start acting like an opposition”.

To his huge credit, Mr. Corbyn did oppose the war with Iraq.

However, he is anti-austerity.  Mr Corbyn is calling for an end to all cuts,  and a Soviet style economy.  He backs unilateral nuclear disarmament, open door imigration and the formation of a united Ireland.

He is an ardent republican and once petitioned Tony Blair, the former Labour leader, to evict he Royal Family from Buckingham Palace.

The only leadership contender to speak at the Durham Miners Gala, Mr. Corbyn said:  ““Our great trade union movement is under threat, grave threat at that, like never before. Let us say loudly and more proudly than ever that we are proud to belong to the biggest democratic movement in this nation.

“All too often the trade union link with the Labour Party is treated as a matter of shame – sometimes by its own leaders – but they should be proud that they are funded by the supermarket shelf-stackers, cleaners, lollipop ladies and nurses of this country.”

This statement shows how out of touch Jeremy Corbyn really is.  During the last RMT strike, twitter was aflame with Londoners begging Boris Johnson (who has campaigned for new strike laws since 2010) to curtail the unions.  Tube drivers on average earn £50K or more, have 6 weeks holiday, pick their own hours and have gold plated pensions.

When I pointed out on twitter that tube strikes hurt the poorest, can close down small businesses and cost London tens of millions of pounds, the reply was “why do you feign surprise, that is the point!” The strike was because the strikers wanted wanted their lavish offer of an extra £2,000 pension linked.

The RMT were described as a protection racket, by Labour’s Ken Livingstone.

Jeremy Corbyn railed on SKY about “cruel zero hour contracts”, but research shows that 22,000 Labour councillors, UNITE union, and 68 Labour MPs, a third of the party, use them.

The respected HR body CIPD spoke out to say that roughly 60% of workers on ZH contracts were happy with the freedom and had more job satisfaction than workers on regular jobs.

It is now the unions who exploit the poor and vulnerable and who see that as perfectly acceptable behaviour. The poor are defended by the likes of Boris Johnson, who campaigns for the London Living Wage and since 2010 has fought to protect the truly needy.  Jeremy Corbyn is way behind the times and out of the loop and if he is given any influence, he will be the last nail in Labour’s coffin.

3 responses to “Hard liner Corbyn cannot see it is now the unions who exploit the needy

  1. First of all, I should confess that I, myself, am, and always have been, a Whig. (I did vote C&U once, but that’s a long story!)

    I did meet either him, or his brother, once, a long time ago. No cap was involved. I was getting rather terse and clipped with an otherwise pleasant young women, who was refusing to work through the TU system, as “we” weren’t revolutionary enough

    I, personally, abhore the whole structure of “Labour”, from that Manse of Mr Been down – it has never been a democracy, members are fed ‘tablets’ from on high and are expected to slavishly obey what Lenin described as “that disgusting petit-bourgois”

    Outside that system are the 57 varieties of “extra-parliamentary opposition-ism”, who affect ‘militant atheism’, but beyond *them* lies “King Mob”, who appear to be, and in some cases are really, the the descendants of the Gordon Riots of the 1780’s, These are still best described by Charles Dickens, in “Barnaby Rudge”. I doubt if Boris’s Porsche Tiger water-cannon are up to the job

    Their claims to “Protestantism” may be ignored, they are a heresy of Roman Catholicism the Papacy can’t dump on anybody else quick enough

    (PS – congratulations on ‘working for Boris’)

  2. Lol – he’s actually relatively moderate! You ain’t met the rest yet, mate. Or is it “pal”?

    I blame Mrs Thatcher. One of her few errors was closing down the Russian Studies Dept. As a result the “worker” loonies have been deprived of 24/7 cold showers!

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