Flying the Isil flag! Should we arrest flag bearers?

On his LBC show with Nick Ferrari, Boris Johnson argued that a moderate stance over flag waving is best. The Mayor made it plain he does not want to see triumphalist Daesh flags waved aggressively around London.  However, you have to balance that against his belief that we live in a free country.borisiraqThe Neo Nazi rally was moved from Golders Green, (its aim was to fight the “Jewification of the UK”) and the strutting Neo stormtroopers were forced to goose step to Whitehall. There they faced an even larger rally, with much better flags and placards, passionately opposing their aims, backed by an impressive array of police. That is the spirit!

Do we realise how lucky we are to have the Met?  This threat was firmly rejected and residents of Golders Green were simultaneously protected by police.

As far as the Isil flag is concerned, in some cases, there have rightly been arrests, said Boris on LBC.

However, he does not believe that it is always appropriate to arrest the flag bearers.  As always with Boris, it is about balance and fairness. Because he wasn’t actually there, Boris was rightly not going to comment on the operational decision not to make an arrest.

To summarise his attitude, each case should be judged on its merits. We have a wise Mayor.

5 responses to “Flying the Isil flag! Should we arrest flag bearers?

  1. Boris Johnson wants every case decided individually. Some not worth the trouble.

  2. p.s. Voss was awarded the
    Pour le Mérite,
    House Order of Hohenzollern,
    Iron Cross 1st and 2nd Class.
    The debate over why he chose to fight on when clearly outnumbered by a squadron of British aces goes on to this day. The second really silly thing is, he had stuff named after him by the Nazis! It appears they too forgot he was Jewish!

    • And don’t forget the Chancellor was photoographed in a Nazi uniform with a swaztika! Just a youthful indiscretion, wrong to arrest him!

  3. Yet south Carolina has just voted to remove the Confederate Battle flag, and there are moves to order a change in any state flag which includes the stars and bars! There is a limit to free speech. I have a model (wings of War) in my collection, of a Albatross DIII which was flown by Werner Voss a World War I ace. It has a white cross on it in place of the white swastika it should have, due to German legislation. The joke is, he was Jewish! Because of the decoration on his aircraft you will find no mention of him in the Jewish museum in Berlin. A brave German who was the appointed successor to Richthofen (until Goering objected) has been all but forgotten. He died alone fighting five SE5As, he got I think it was three or four of them.

  4. I agree, it’s not a simple issue, so people take on board what they want to hear, blame him, because he won’t outright ban. Police are right they don’t arrest everyone judge each case on its merits.

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