Strike hurt the poorest, cost London tens of millions, am told that was the point!

strikeBelow is a twitter exchange that only too clearly shows strikers don’t give a tinker’s cuss about the consequences of their strike.  The tweets are self-explanatory. lucille2067 @lucille2067 @matt_dathan Can choose their own hours, gold plated pensions. Hurting the poorest. Told striker that. @MayorofLondon. @BorisJohnson

MPS(n)P @MPS_n_P @lucille2067 @MayorofLondon @BBCTomEdwards @BBCLondon949 again – that’s sort of the point? Not sure why people are feigning surprise now.

lucille2067 @lucille2067      Striker says hurting poorest, costing industry millions is “sort of the point” @MayorofLondon @BorisJohnson #RMT…

lucille2067 @lucille2067 #RMT want their 2 grand pension linked! If poorest suffer, small businesses go to wall, think that is price worth paying? @MayorofLondon

MPS(n)P @MPS_n_P @lucille2067 @MayorofLondon @BBCTomEdwards @BBCLondon949 disruption IS the point of strikes, regardless of your opinion on morality

@MPS_n_P now says he is not a striker, he is a crown servant who supports the strikers.

A typical salary of a tube worker is £50,000 confirms the BBC.  Boris Johnson said the strike was “payback” because the Tories won GE15 and the date had been picked to coincide with the Budget. On London Tonight, a retail chief says the cost to London will be tens of millions.

3 responses to “Strike hurt the poorest, cost London tens of millions, am told that was the point!

  1. I think the answer, on Wall St, is to sequester the pension fund of the Drug Enforcement Administration. Then we can afford to bribe invites to the Duchess of Richmond’s Ball, before a Battle of Waterloo, equally for both strikers, or blackleg scabs!

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