Calling all Muslims terrorists is as illogical as calling all Germans Nazis

In his Good Morning Britain interview with John Stapleton,  our  Mayor was asked if he thought Muslims should do more to prevent radicalisation.borisGMBIt’s up to anyone bringing up kids to prevent them from being radicalised, said Boris.   If you suspect your child is in any sort of  danger, they could be drawn into drug dealing, get involved with gangs, anything, dob them up said Boris firmly.

Boris is right.  Any parent, not just Muslim parents, could have children who are involved in crime and they have to act.  Involving the police is the only solution.  The Mayor provided the solution, but also put the matter into perspective.  It is perfectly ridiculous to suggest that all Muslims are terrorists.

MI5 boss Andrew Parker said “These and other appalling acts are attempted by individuals who have grown up here but decided for whatever twisted reasons to identify their own country as the enemy.

“They are a tiny fraction of the population. But the continuing fact that some people, born in the UK, with all the opportunities and freedoms that modern Britain offers, can nonetheless make those sorts of warped choices presents a serious societal and security challenge.”

Mr.Parker continued: “A year later,  (after 7/7)  we detected and, with partner agencies, prevented al Qaida’s most ambitious plot – to bring down multiple airliners on US cities using liquid bombs on flights from London,”

We must never forget that our brave security services and the Met. the best police force in the world, foil most terrorist attacks,  risking and sometimes losing their lives to do so.

Are all DJ’s paedophiles?  More to the point, are all Germans Nazis? Of course not.  It is just sloppy, biased thinking to dump the blame for terrorist attacks on the entire Muslim nation.  Anyone who thinks that should get their head straight.

One response to “Calling all Muslims terrorists is as illogical as calling all Germans Nazis

  1. Classic Boris! Dob them up! Smart to point out kids get into trouble, stealing, drugs,whatever, not just Muslims children.

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