Eton’s finest! Boris captains the Wall Game Team

Boris Johnson is captain of the team.

Boris Johnson is captain of the team.

Captain of the team, Boris Johnson playing the Wall Game. On BBC morning news, a writer from the Guardian said Boris is successful because unlike other Etonians who are embarrassed they attended the school, Boris accepts who he is and laughs at himself.

Buddhists believe people who can make others laugh are the most powerful of us all. boriseton3The belligerent chin, the assertively spread thighs, show that where the game is concerned though, Boris is deadly serious.  A quote from the school mag., describing Boris’s tactics shows just how serious!

The Times reports:  “Huge, blond and with his chest sticking out fearsomely, an adolescent Boris Johnson proudly holds a muddy ball as he prepares to lead his team at the Eton Wall Game.

The future mayor of London flattened the opposition in the brutal and largely pointless sport, first recorded in 1766, as the captain of College, Eton’s 70-strong body of scholarship boys known as the King’s Scholars. School photos of Johnson in the Wall Game team, the Politics Society and the Sixth Form Select show him on each occasion thrust into the front row, with his gilded contemporaries bringing up the rear.

“The Battle of Waterloo may have been won on the playing fields of Eton but on that day Boris Johnson’s rampage was reminiscent of Vietnam. Evoking the peaceniks’ chants of “LBJ, how many kids did you kill today?”, a reporter for the Eton College Chronicle wrote: “Hey, hey, ABJ, how many Oppidans did you kill today? Watch the Blond Behemoth crud relentlessly through the steaming pile of purple-and-orange heavyweights, until he’s knocking on the Lower Master’s door.”

What is the Eton Wall Game?  The details are here.

2 responses to “Eton’s finest! Boris captains the Wall Game Team

  1. Even at that age, Boris Johnson was so media savvy! In the picture, he is the only one you look at.

  2. Hilarious picture, even at that age, Boris effortlessly outshining everyone else in the team.

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