Bojo talent and earnings appal Daily Mirror, they are only at ease with sad losers

The Daily Mirror has accused Boris Johnson of the worst crime any Tory can commit – being hugely talented, wildy successful and gob smackingly well paid.  On top of his £47,000 salary as Mayor of London, (reduced by 2/3  because he is an MP) and the £67,000 a year he earns as MP for Uxbridge, said the Mirror,  Boris was paid £22,916.66 for his weekly column by the Telegraph newspaper in May.borisbulldogSo outraged is the Mirror, they even published a graph, rubbing in how much more Boris earns than a) average MPs and b) more than the Uxbridge average.

To add insult to injury, Boris has committed the cardinal crime of getting another book deal from Hodder and Stoughton – for a book as yet unwritten,  left wing tweeters squeaked despairingly. It’s for £88,000 and he has clocked over £1,231 for the Chinese rights of The Churchill Factor.

Surely the normal reaction to all this is to think WOW!  Boris Johnson is so talented, a brilliant writer, with such huge ability, we should be thanking our lucky stars such a gifted person is in British politics.

A recent Boris admirer recently revealed the secret of his mumbling.  He explained how once he was behind Boris on an escalator, when Boris was mumbling to himself.  What he was actually doing was planning his speech. Chris Worth explained:  “I realised the mumbling was his method of planning. In those few moments on the escalator, he’d applied his vast intellect to the event at which he was guest of honour … and developed a complete communications strategy in the time it took to travel one floor. (And that included shedding his bike gear.)” In those brief minutes, Boris concocted a masterful speech.

This is the quality of intellect of the man rightly lauded by London publishers.  I find it very sad that instead of being thrilled that Boris is such a brilliant thinker, newspapers are negative about his success.  Not one word of praise from the Mirror, who are obviously only comfortable with poor losers who never get published at all.

Now the lefty media are reduced to knocking outstanding talent, hard work and success.  They are only comfortable with mediocrity and a group of Labour candidates are lining up, hand picked to make that precise point.  No wonder Labour lost GE15.

3 responses to “Bojo talent and earnings appal Daily Mirror, they are only at ease with sad losers

  1. Absolutely stupid article from the Daily Mirror. So we are knocking talent and success now? Anyone who does well, earns a bomb from honest hard work is the target of lefty bile.

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