David Cameron is the last man to handle the EU negotiations

One of David Cameron’s greatest assets is he looks and behaves like a PM, unlike Ed Miliband who had no gravitas and failed to convince as a leader.  David Cameron can be justly proud of the unexpected Tory GE15 win and the gracious way he behaved in victory enhanced his reputation. On any formal occasion, he can be relied upon to behave with dignity.PMjunckerUnfortunately, David Cameron is a conciliator, skilled at pouring oil on troubled waters, adept, indeed brilliant, at maintaining the status quo.   Past events proved conclusively that he is not a negotiator.   He gave far too much power to the Lib Dems – Nick Clegg apparently had the right to override any Tory decision he fancied – and the Lib Dems took full advantage of their totally undeserved importance,  slowing the recovery by at least 3 years.

As Fraser Nelson discusses in article on this link, the LibDems were granted a 50% say in all government decisions, they had equal billing to the Tories.  This is in spite of the fact they provided only  9% of the seats in Parliament.  This suicidally stupid decision meant the recovery stalled for at least three years, as Cleggers gleefully took  advantage of his power.  As a result borrowing skyrocketed.

As the Scottish Referendum seemed to wobble in the balance, Mr. Cameron hastily hurled concessions at the Scots, behaviour which from anyone else would have looked like panic.  Luckily though, (Mr. Cameron is a naturally lucky poltician),  the scales tipped in his favour.

Now he is faced with the enormous  challenge of an EU Referendum and he has bravely, if not sensibly, nominated himself as negotiator.  Merkel and Co. all know he is in the Yes camp, desperate to stick with our membership.   Why then should they give him anything at all, when he is on their side all along?

I’ve seen the German reaction to a new EU deal – sniggers! says Nigel Lawson in the Sunday Times.

Giving David Cameron five minutes in a lunch break to state his case was an absolute insult.  Even more insulting is the statement that it will take 10 years for any treaty changes.   Merkel and Co. are ridiculing the UK.  It’s time to play hardball, said Boris Johnson.

For God’s sake man,  show some pride and walk out!  Don’t let them treat you this way!  The future of this country is at state, put your foot down and tell them to stop jerking you around!  Is this what we fought for at Waterloo and WW2?  Walk out and say you won’t be back until they take what you are proposing more seriously than a five minute lunch break.

Or face facts and accept you have many talents, you wouldn’t be PM if that weren’t true,  but tough negotiating palpably isn’t one of them.

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  1. Carry on the very good work

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