Is Boris in pole position to bring Formula 1 to London?

Today Boris Johnson waxed lyrical over the benefits of bringing Formula One to London and he was keen to emphasise the green credentials of the series.   “We will have an ultra-low emission zone in the heart of the city by 2020, ” said the Mayor, “we are bringing in new green taxis in 2018, the buses are already one of the greenest in the world. It’s part of our campaign to get London going electric.”borisracing2Boris had just stormed round the track, finishing two laps without mishap of the Battersea Park circuit that is hosting the final two rounds of the Formula E championship this weekend.    He said a London Grand Prix would “showcase our drive to get low-carbon vehicles in the streets.”borisracingThe race fee would have to be met by this city though.  This would be a major consideration, although Boris has an unrivalled ability when it comes to finding a sponsor.  “It was amazing”  said Boris of his time behind the wheel “At one time I thought I hit a hit a squirrel.   It certainly is fast,”  kidded the Mayor, “But I’ve gone faster! ”

It is clear  therefore that Boris is still “open to proposals” for a London Grand Prix.



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