Ivan Massow clued up and sensible on Uber and black cabs

Softly spoken Ivan Massow gave a sensible analysis of the problems between Uber and black cabs., unlike the wildly gesticulating Peter Stringfellow, who continually interrupted Ivan on the Daily Politics Show.ivanmassowIvan said Uber have opened up an entirely new market, and are popular with the young. They have revolutionarised the minicab market and are a cheaper choice than black cabs.  He gently suggested that black cabs would benefit from more modern technology and said it was overdramatising to say that black cabs will disappear forever.  Ivan has met with Steve MacNamara of United Cabbies who said they do not want to get rid of Uber.  News to me!

According to Stringfellow there must be a level playing field.  Revelation.  He spent a lot of time talking about his clubs, his world wide travels and how he was meeting with Isabel Dedring that afternoon “in my club!”  When Ivan asked him if he thought Uber worked in New York,  Peter didn’t know.  He has never taken an Uber cab. Hard to make a comparison then Peter!

Ivan also thinks Uber should step up, as Boris says, in speaking English, we should know their criminal record, all the things Boris advises.  Ivan said he agrees with Boris that the number of Uber cabs should be limited. He made it clear he was not against black cabs, but as an entrepreneur, wants the two to coexist side by side.

Peter Stringfellow waffled on, and could not seem to grasp that Boris, as Mayor,  cannot just wave a wand .  When taking Uber  to court, Boris needs proper evidence, and must seek higher legal powers.  Similarly, he cannot immediately limit the number of Uber cabs.  A talk with Isabel Dedring might come as rather a shock to Peter instead of the walkover he was grandiosely predicting.

It was good to hear such a rational, analysis of the situation from Ivan Lessow. He laughingly said he wasn’t daunted by the challenge from Zac Goldsmith, in the Mayoral race, should Zac run.  They were offering completely different choices.  Zac is posh, said Ivan,and I am so not!

One response to “Ivan Massow clued up and sensible on Uber and black cabs

  1. Came across as a very nice guy, also no fool. Long shot in the mayoral race, but could be the dark horse.

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