In business, the winner is the best, there is NEVER a level playing field

However much sympathy we have for black cab drivers, the way some of them do nothing but complain is destroying that sympathy.  There is no attempt to form a strategy to deal with the challenge of Uber.  Much easier to bang on abusing others, moaning and blaming Boris Johnson.cabbiesagainstBorisAttempts at fighting back are limited to “blocking all the bridges”, “pushing Uber off the road!”  (United Cabbies’ bright suggestions) and badmouthing Boris and his supporters in the most offensive way possible.  Behaving in this way, for some of them,  never grows old.

The most repeated cry of black cabbies is “We don’t mind competition!”  (a total lie!)   “All we want is a level playing field!”

In business, there is never a level playing field.  The winner is always the smartest, who analyses the market, exploits the system best and offers the best product. If challenged, they don’t fight by complaining the competition should be removed and Boo ruddy Hoo, it’s just not fair!

Arguing that black cabs are iconic, therefore you don’t have to change, but everyone else does, is self defeating.  No business can avoid modernisation or the threat of competition forever.

You have to rise to meet that challenge and make damn sure your PR is great (abuse and verbal filth just hand the market to the competition),  you are up to date with modern technology,  and your product is so great, everybody wants it.

Anyone who encourages you to think that you are right, you are icons, and it is all somebody elses fault, (like certain London Assembly members,) is your problem!  Not your solution.

Carry on in the way you are if you want to, it is only yourselves you are hurting.  Instead of “Cabbies Against Boris”, you should be identifying and tackling the real problems, not the excuse.

27 responses to “In business, the winner is the best, there is NEVER a level playing field

  1. Yet another misguided post from someone who knows very little to nothing about the whole trade.

    What you fail to realise Angela is that we are modernising and adapting to the market all the times However we are constrained by red tape and regulation in the form of TFL, Where has uber are not, and TFL have bent over backwards to accommodate uber .
    As an example we have wanted Credit cards in all cabs, and TFL have dragged their feet only now we have a 4 day consultation,

    Personally I would prefer if we had the extras on the meter whereby a single passenger doesn’t pay the same as 5/6 PAX.

    Anything and everything we do has to go through TFL, and we all know TFL are woefully inadequate in their role as a regulator.

    There will always be a few bad apples in any trade, but please do not tar us all with the same brush.

    I don’t know why you continue to lambaste the black cabs, You seem to have an agenda, One day we will find out what that agenda is.

    • You have missed the whole point of the article. I do not have any agenda except telling the truth. Accusing people who don’t agree with you of having agendas does not help your cause.

    • Black cab drivers continually saying they want a level playing field. In competitive business situations, there isn’t one.

  2. If it were the slightest bit serious, it would have damaged his career, it hasn’t. You are obviosuly really ticked of about Uber, so I guess you have to have someone to blame.

    Boris did not bring Uber here. They are providing lots of badly needed jobs and many people cannot afford black cabs. He is not going to ban Uber, but more importantly, you need to take on board, NO POLITICIAN is going to ban Uber either.

    • Sorry to disappoint you Angela , it’s not money she’s giving DC . It’s leverage he’s giving her by DCameron asking Boris to lay off uber !!!! Rachel is calling in favours from Dave .
      Cameron will drop Boris ,just like Blair did Brown !!!

  3. How can black cabs compete when they have to drive and maintain £40,000 vehicles, comply to strict regulations imposed on them by TFL? The fare also set by TFL. A skilled, good job has become a minimum wage one. You claim nobody wants to put 30,000 uber drivers out of work but what about the 25,000 taxi drivers who may soon be claiming housing benefit and tax credits?

    • Nobody is banning black cabs.

      • No! Of course you don’t want to ban anything but taxi wages will be topped up by benefits, you know that taxis with their current tight rules can’t really compete so it will be death to the trade by 25000 cuts … cabs don’t have the same rights as taxis do (even easier to get rid of) so it suits your utopian dream of pedestrianisation and cycle lanes…..

  4. Oh …and how will cab drivers lives be better if they just accept poor regulation by TFL (or accepting Uber as you prefer to say)? Would your life be better if your working conditions were made more difficult and you took a pay cut? Mmm….I think not.

    • Itis a waste of timelooking for people to blame. Competition part of life. BC drivers should accept Uber are not going away and modernise to meet the Uber challenge.

      • I just asked you how life would be better… How can they modernise when the vehicle they drive and the fares are set by somebody else?

      • Because they can adapt to modern technology! Nothing to do with fares or the vehicle. Credit card payment in ALL not some cabs. Black cab app. that is exclusive to the trade, like the Uber app. Unless it is exclusive, it cannot be used to promote the trade. And after the dreadful way many of your drivers have been behaving, abuse, harassment, etc. you are urgently in need of some good PR. A LOT of PR!

  5. well I think a lot of it is down to cost ….offer people cheaper and they will take it. All of the taxi drivers I know take cards. The trouble is the London taxi trade is the most regulated anywhere. These people devote upto 5 years to earn the right to work, they have invested a lot so have a lot to lose – not an easy bunch to deal with. At the moment it does seem that TFL are running a deregulated service within or alongside a regulated one, how can that ever work?

  6. Kevin, Boris has issued this statement to reassure you all. There is a contact link there, making it easier for you to log complaints. See my latest blog.

    • Action reassures not words! !!!
      No or little enforcement by the regulator, whose enforcement officers have no powers! !! Chocolate tea pots we call them. Boris is head of the regulator! !!!

      • I still think it’s good if you log in everything you see Uber doing that breaks regs on the link.

  7. Kevin, sorry to disappoint you, but PM has plenty of money. Why should he ruin the cab trade just to please the wife of one of his spin doctors? Sure she is an old friend and godmother. But nobody would do that.

    It is going to be much easier for you to log complaints against Uber now. Would suggest you keep copies of everything you report. just calm down and he is trying to help you and be reassuring.

    • Kevin, where is your proof for this? Do you have actual proof, or is it just an overactive imagina\tion? Sadly, lots of big companies, notably Starbucks, have accountants who legally manage to avoid tax.

      What “favours” does PM owe Rachel Whetstone? She is only the wife of Steve Hilton, spin doctor., altho she is a long time friend.

      What “treachery” is Boris supposed to have done? Your tweets are very nasty. Can only quote Sigmund Freud. The way we criticise others says more about us than it does about them.

  8. Rachael is calling in favours with David Cameron ! Dave is telling Boris to lay off uber . Dave will drop Boris in it just like Blair did to brown !!!!

  9. I think we all have to agree that Angela king and her many aliases is in complete denial, We have it on good authority she DOES NOT work for the Mayor.

    And is a starry eyed granny wanna be teenager who is madly in love with Boris and can not and will not see any wrong in the fella.

    But then who do we have to blame for this, but the Tories who cut back on mental health patients and threw them into society to fend for themselves.

  10. As for Rachael whetstone calling favours , Boris told a LCDC rep he was warned off of uber !

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