Feminists challenged by 10 Nobel scientists who back Boris by defending Sir Tim Hunt

Ten Nobel scientists opposed the sacking of Sir Tim Hunt and in today’s Times warned of the danger of stopping leading academics from speaking their minds. This has to be embarrassing for the Guardian newspaper, who continually attack Boris’s defence of free speech and even more so for the ditsy feminists who got their claws into Sir Tim on twitter.

Hanoi Jane

Hanoi Jane

The Times reports:  “Sir Andre Geim, of the University of Manchester, who shared the Nobel prize for physics in 2010, said that Sir Tim had been “crucified” by ideological fanatics, and castigated UCL for “ousting him” from his post.

A senior colleague of Sir Tim’s wife Mary Collins, who is a professor of immunology at UCL, also accused the college of bowing to pressure from Twitter users in a “knee-jerk reaction”.”

Some female tweeters are Speech Nazis, who dictated what Sir Tim and Boris could or couldn’t say.   The most prevalent feminist attitude was that whereas Sir Tim should be fired for speaking his mind, women like Tessa Jowell, Harriet Harmon and Emily Thornberry, who mouth blatantly sexist comments against men, should not.

Scientific studies show that male and female brains are wired differently.  Whereas mens’ brains show they are better at motor skills, female brains may be optimized for combining analytical and intuitive thinking.  Surprising therefore that feminists are fulfilling the male chauvinist charge that women are prone to illogical thinking.

Another illogical argument from feminists was that Sir Tim was a “role model” at UCL, so for that reason, should not be allowed to say what he thought, ditto Boris.   All the feminists I spoke to on twitter  insisted women only want equality.  Their reason for allowing women the right to spout sexism was “we live in a patriarchal society!”

So women are allowed free speech, however offensive, even if, like Emily Thornberry they want to discuss Boris Johnson’s willy on air?  Is that right? But men are not, because like Sir  Tim, they are role models?

The Guardian has made huge capital of the recent incident when Boris told a black cab driver to “fuck off and die!”  But when in an Guardian interview, Tessa Jowell cracked under pressure when questioned about £370,000 given to her husband by Berlusconi, she said “F…” four times,  also arsehole, toerag and other choice epithets.

Although the journalist doing the interview accused Tessa of fake crying, and called her a “broken model”, suggesting her attitude was a pitch for “I’m not dodgy”,  there was no actual criticism by the Guardian of her swearing.

Feminist is now hypercritical and humourless.  Can’t men and women tease each other anymore?  All women want equality, but only female bullies want to take back their power by cheating.

2 responses to “Feminists challenged by 10 Nobel scientists who back Boris by defending Sir Tim Hunt

  1. The Times reported today, UCL might take Sir Tim Hunt back! I hope he tells them where to go! UCL also embroiled in another suppression of free speech scandal.

  2. Women want it all ways these days, ridiculous.

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