Boris Johnson’s birthday chart is crammed with powerful Super Aspects

borisbedhead6There are 12 astrological aspects that are so powerful that anyone who has even one of these has a jump start of achieving great success, teaches the Magi Society.  Your transits on your birthday show what sort of year you will have.  According to his birthday transits, Boris  has amazingly powerful aspects in his favour. But I am going to show you Boris’s progressions* for his birthday, an even more powerful concept.


Chart is by Magi Society.  In Magi Astrology, the most powerful Super Aspect is Jupiter enhancement of Pluto.  Boris has Jupiter/Pluto as part of a Golden Rectangle, which also includes Neptune and the asteroid of fame and success, Chiron. So the power of all these planets and the asteroid is accentated by the rectangle.

Because transiting Pluto, Moon and Mercury are all close together, Boris has, in effect, three Golden Rectangles.  The fourth most powerful Super Aspect is in the chart, Uranus/Pluto. In the declinations, Boris has Sun/Jupiter and Sun/Neptune, 5th and 12th most powerful enhancements.

Planetary geometry adds to his power.  He has 3 Golden Rectangles, a Grand trine of Venus, Saturn and the Moon and a rhomboid in the first chart alone. He has something called a Mystic Rectangle,  with the Sun, Chiron and Neptune.

In Boris’s helio chart, (not shown)  he has another Jupiter/Pluto enhancement and a Jupiter/Uranus enhancement, 7th most powerful.  He also has Venus/Neptune, the 10th most powerful enhancement.  He also has another Uranus/Pluto conjunction.  In the declinations, he has Venus/Uranus, the 9th most powerful enhancement. I don’t want to confuse you, but he also has some great sextiles. (less powerful than trines, but good.)

To cut a long story short, you could say the stars are in his favour. As for the planetary geometry and the aspects indicating charm and attraction, OMIGOD.

Lefties and Guardian newspaper, watch your step.  Black cab drivers don’t push your luck.  Abusive tweeters shut up, sharpish.  You just don’t know who you are dealing with.  Alexander, to impress the populace, pretended he was a God. Napoleon thought this was an idea he might emulate.  They would have coveted such help from the heavens. Happy birthday to our Mayor, Boris Johnson.

*the meaning of secondary progressions

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