Sack Sir Tim Hunt? You should also then sack Tessa Jowell and Harriet Harman

Today there is outrage because Nobel Prize winner Sir Tim Hunt said men and women fall in love with each other and women cry in labs. Champion of men, Boris Johnson , produced evidence from the World Expert on crying,  Professor Ad Vingerhoets, that women cry up to 60 times a year, and men only cry 17 times a year. As sexism, this was pretty  mild.

Arch sexist Emily Thornberry

Arch sexist Emily Thornberry

Sir Tim was being mildy humorous, although it went down like a lead balloon at an orgy.  The same cannot be said for Tessa Jowell.  When she makes rude generalisations about men in the workplace, she means every word.  Once she said women would never be as greedy as men, behave as badly as bankers or misbehave on the trading floor like alpha males. Jowell is forever making sweeping generalisations, men are too domineering, cliquey etc.

Harriet Harman said “Men should not be left to run things on their own….”  (Eeekkk!) “It’s a bad thing to have men only leadership!” Her snide sexist remarks at public schoolboys and Eton are legendary. Old Etonians are regular targets for sexism and abuse, but are just expected to suck it up.

Emily Thornberry was blatantly and appallingly sexist on The Sunday Politics show when she started talking about Boris Johnson’s willy to his face.  “You just want to see if you have the biggest willy, etc.”   If Boris had made a similar remark to a woman, he would have been sacked, but Harriet thinks because she is a woman, she can get away with that sort of thing.

In March, 2013,  Justice Minister Helen Grant sparked fury by claiming most women only commit crimes because they are “highly vulnerable”.  She suggested female crooks are not really to blame for their bad actions — and plans to send fewer of them to jail.  It’s not that I don’t, to a certain extent agree with her, I actually do.  But why is the same understanding and compassion not extended to male criminals, who embark on a path of crime because they too have suffered?  Why is it never accepted men are vulnerable too?

Women are continually squeaking about equality.  If they want truly want that, they must accept that  women are just as sexist as men.  If Sir Tim is to be deprived of his job, let Jowell, Harman, Thornberry and Grant also lose theirs. If that isn’t going to happen, Sir Tim should be reinstated.

4 responses to “Sack Sir Tim Hunt? You should also then sack Tessa Jowell and Harriet Harman

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  2. Lol. These poor men.

    • See what I did there?

      The comments about men on these articles justify the need for these articles.

      • Look at the sexism aimed at Old Etonians! And public schoolboys! Nasty sweeping generalisations, they just put up with it.

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