Only Karma will teach Starbucks bosses how wrong they are to exploit their staff

Boris Johnson has been battling since 2010 for giant companies to pay their staff decent wages.  The London Living Wage is now £9.15, hardly a fortune, but Starbucks staff are supposed to exist on less than that.   In my local Starbucks, the staff work non-stop to keep the coffees flowing and the tables clean.   Nothing is too much trouble and however tired they are, those sweet smiles never falter.karmaIt’s not like Starbucks is struggling to make ends meet.  Last year in the US,  the company  made the highest profits ever.  It is appallingly expensive to live in London, so to pay staff less than the Living Wage is scandalous.

Boycotting Starbucks in protest wouldn’t work – they would only fire staff to make up the shortfall.  Boris is lobbying the government to offer tax breaks to all companies paying the LLW.  Great idea, except, hold on!  Starbucks doesn’t pay any tax.   So far, the moral aspect of such behaviour has failed to make a dent in their greedy consciousness.

Oi Starbucks!  You don’t deserve the lovely staff you have! If there is a God and it’s true about reincarnation, you will experience this!


Karma teaches you responsibility through reciprocity. What you have done to others in the past, will be done back to you in the future. You will continue to reincarnate with significant others until you have paid off your karmic debts to them. Reincarnation will work to balance the scales fairly between all concerned so that love and justice prevail.

I’m thinking it’s going to take many many life times for Starbucks bosses to reach Kensho.

2 responses to “Only Karma will teach Starbucks bosses how wrong they are to exploit their staff

  1. What about the exploited staff at Uber? Same crime but no mention of it ??? WHY ??

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