Boris calls billionaires Orangutans for not paying the London Living Wage

Yesterday I had a new mattress delivered,  and the two strapping, extra helpful chaps that hoiked it to the third floor did their jobs with sunny smiles while telling me they rose at 4 am, and mine was the twenty-first delivery, most of them on third or fourth floors.orangutan2This is why  Boris Johnson has been fighting so fiercely for the London Living Wage since his first mayoralty. He delivered the Sir Simon Milton lecture on Wednesday and furiously called billionaires “orangutans” for being such cheapskates. Boris has been trying to persuade David Cameron to give tax breaks to companies that pay the LLW but so far his pleas have fallen on deaf ears.

The Sun reported:  “Boris Johnson has slammed London’s 140 billionaires for failing to pay the Living Wage – and likened them to orangutans.

The capital’s mayor called on the mega rich to do more for their many thousands of workers and meet the £9.15 an hour salary target.

And he heaped blame on their low pay regimes for creating “vast inequalities of income”.

Boris said acidly:  ““London is to the billionaire as the jungles of Sumatra are to the orangutans.

“In fact, we probably have more billionaires than there are orangutans.

“And yet hardly any of them are taking the trouble to ensure that the companies they lead or invest in are paying their employees the London living wage.”

The Sun says Boris has been fighting for the London Living wage for two years. Boris talked about the LLW in his 2011 Conference speech and was calling for it several years before that.  (report of Mayor’s QT, March 2010 for example, which was Boris’s first Mayoralty. )

As consumers,  if we get good service, we should tell bosses, in the hope this leads to a pay rise.  This is particularly effective in supermarkets, because all praise from customers goes on the report sheets of the staff, and they could get a rise/bonus/promotion.  If you can afford it, don’t be afraid to tip, but the vital thing is that orangutan bosses need to cough up!

One response to “Boris calls billionaires Orangutans for not paying the London Living Wage

  1. AttillatheHun

    Chris Philp a new Croydon Tory MP spoke up in favour of the London Living wage yesterday. Chris said it is just not possible to live on the minimum wage in London and this is so true.

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