UNITE swing into action behind union poodle Sadiq Khan for Mayor

According to today’s London Standard, the union UNITE are packing the register to vote for the next Labour Mayoral candidate with union members.  They are cold calling recruits, and have nearly 1,200 members so far, outnumbering members of the public by 10 to 1.zackhanThe Standard reported today:  “Tooting MP Sadiq Khan has already won the backing of Unite, the largest trade union and Labour’s biggest financial backer, along with the GMB. One senior Labour figure said: “It is not right the way this is happening. If Labour select a candidate on the back of the unions they will lack legitimacy. It will be a constant problem for them, just like it was for Ed Miliband.”

There are already signs of an aggressive twitter campaign, backing Khan on twitter.  Challenged by @kathy279 that Zac Goldsmith was”born with a silver spoon” therefore not suitable to be Mayor, I pointed out David Cameron won GE15 and Boris Johnson thrashed Red Ken twice.  It is irrelevant that Khan’s father was a bus driver. It is not circumstances of birth, but ability that wins elections.

An article in the Spectator described how the conversations of “radical Muslim MP” Sadiq Khan were bugged by MI5,  and said such conversations should continue to be bugged.  Khan is supported for Mayor by Ken Livingstone, well known for his support for Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, whose  views are here.  Ken worked for this man on Press TV and had to be prised from the job under protest. Ken’s close friendship with the appalling Sheikh Al Qaradawi did nothing for his image.

Ed Miliband won the Labour leadership through the support of UNITE, which led to endless problems. It would be entirely unsuitable for any Mayor of London to be in thrall to UNITE, in view of the strikes and wage claims made by this and other unions, Khan strikes me as a troublemaker.

When I said this, I was subjected to the following abuse from the tweeter, accusing me  of being a racist.

@kathy279  Your racist remark has nothing to do  with FACTS. Just admit you are prejudiced against Khan who of who he is.

@kathy279  Yet your prejudicial mind sees only his colour & name & suddenly he looks shifty to you.

One of my best friends is called Ashrit!  When I said how many Muslim friends I have, this.

@kathy279  I don’t care whom you are friends with. Your prejudicial tweets speak volumes about the content of yr character.

@kathy279  Wrongly naming Sadiq Khan a troublemaker.  there is nothing in his impressive past to justify the remark.  Says u’re prejudice.

Pushing the class war, playing the race card.  A candidate who is a union poodle.  Remind you of anyone?  Has Labour learnt nothing from the Ed Miliband fiasco?

One response to “UNITE swing into action behind union poodle Sadiq Khan for Mayor

  1. So so predictable! Son of a bus driver, so thinks that gives him a head start! Too much baggage. Unions and Red Ken round his neck.

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