The lunatic fringe are out in such force we hardly dare open our mouths!

There is a negative element to every occupation, including blogging.  This was once clearly demonstrated, when the fringe element who blog were out again in force.  Why? An eminent Cabinet Minister was fiercely criticised for using the word “nail” in the sense of nailing a lie. ridersWhere will this end? No longer can we innocently remark we bonked someone on the head.  However pure our intentions, we can’t say we scored, screwed, railed, shafted or swung either.  Howard Jacobsen’s first book was called Coming from behind, but we should pulp that, and  Aaron’s Rod by D H Lawrence is fit only for the porno section.  If your name is Roger, you better change it quickly, or be prepared for endless sniggers.

The Jilly Cooper bonkbusters are to have sanitised covers.  The picture of a man’s hand on the buttocks of a female jockey  is deemed too racy for Riders, to the outrage of Jilly Cooper.

My friend adored the Famous Five books by Enid Blyton, so much that she christened her daughter Fanny. She then compounded the error by naming her son Richard.

Blogger @harry_lemon62 wittily quipped “A laughing stock!”

2 responses to “The lunatic fringe are out in such force we hardly dare open our mouths!

  1. AttillatheHun

    Are we going backwards? Where will we end up in the Victorian era?

  2. I can’t work out if we are more or less prudish as time goes on. Because to see all these double meanings is pretty silly.

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