Like Henry V, Boris Johnson inspires the populace over Crossrail.

Boris  Johnson and the Tory party can rightly feel proud of Crossrail.  As Boris says, it is a triumph of British engineering and has provided over 55,000 full time jobs, most of them outside London.  The project is on time, on budget, said Boris proudly at the Tory Party Conference in 2014.  It’s interesting in retrospect to watch that Conference speech on the video below.

The success of Crossrail is the most powerful argument possible to proceed with Crossrail 2. In a barnstorming conference speech, that combines two of his major qualities, wit and passion, Boris Johnson says the biggest difference between the Tories and Labour “is that they talk and we do!

As Labour struggle to find yet another rationale,  the Tories are, as ever, absolutely sure what they believe in.  “The best answer to inequality is opportunity,”  says Boris.

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