As Labour shuns Ed, Tories must show they have the guts to put the country first

So keen are Labour politicians to distance themselves from their recent crushing defeat, it is reported they are asking Ed Miliband to stay away from the  Commons.  Their cruel behaviour now does not change the fact that not one of them had the guts to speak up before the election against Ed’s policies.borishouseIt was the same scenario when Gordon Brown left office. Labour were lining u to say that they had disagreed with him,  probably because they feared speaking out at the time would damage their career prospects.

It would be so damaging for the country if the Tories went the same way.  Some politicians always toe the party line.  (notably Theresa May, when Nick Clegg was stifling every move to combat terror.)  Now there are deep concerns that David Cameron has not made it clear the UK will leave the EU if we do  not get the changes we want.

In his maiden speech in the House, Boris Johnson said the UK must make it plain that we are prepared to leave the EU if we do not get vital changes.

The London Mayor stressed that David Cameron had to be willing to “strike out” if he fails to secure EU reforms – and that leaving Brussels will not affect trade.

Johnson said: “If you are going to go into a difficult international negotiation of this kind, then you have got to be prepared to walk away if you don’t get the result that you want.”

He added that Britain could “forge an alternative future that could be just as glorious and just as prosperous with a free trading arrangement.”

Mr Johnson, the new Tory MP for Uxbridge and South Ruislip, also suggested that Sir Winston Churchill would have backed a referendum on Britain’s membership of the 28-member bloc.

He said: “One thing he believed in passionately and that was in Parliament as the expression of the will of the British people and he would want to see that democratic principle upheld today.”

The cowardly, cruel attitude of the Labour Party to Ed Miliband today must be a red flag to the Tories.  There is a larger loyalty than that owed to the person leading the party, doing what is right for the country. At least we know we can always rely on Boris to do that.

One response to “As Labour shuns Ed, Tories must show they have the guts to put the country first

  1. Poor old Ed. they have just cut him out! They were all contributing to the election strategy but now it is all his fault, and he has to stay away. Fall guy.

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