Customers making a deposit at their bank? Or a scene from Scarface?

Anyone watching the video above could be forgiven for feeling a certain confusion.  Is the clip showing customers making an admittedly enormous cash deposit at their local bank?  Or is it a scene from the smash hit movie Scarface starring Al Pacino?

The answer is it could be either. Today CityAm reported that “three of Britain’s leading banks are conducting investigations into whether they cleared payments related into the ongoing Fifa corruption scandal.”

CityAm continues: Barclays and HSBC yesterday declined to comment. Standard Chartered said that it had nothing further to add to a comment issued last week, which said: “We are aware that two payments cleared by Standard Chartered are mentioned in the indictment. We are looking into those payments and will not be commenting further at this time.” The issue of money laundering is highly sensitive for Standard Chartered, as it is undergoing increased money laundering monitoring in its New York office.”scarfaceMoney laundering! Could leading British banks sink any lower?  In the movie, Jerry, Tony Montana’s smoothy, avaricious bank manager is putting the drop on him through more and more extortionate fees to launder his drug money. Avoiding these fees starts the chain of events that causes Montana’s downfall.

FCA regulation states: “The Financial Conduct Authority is responsible for regulating businesses that rent safety deposit boxes. We oversee their efforts to prevent criminals and terrorists from exploiting these services. This page explains what this means for you.”

In the movie, Frank Lopez, Scarface’s gangster boss, warns him of the danger of becoming a “haza”.  A haza is someone overcome by greed, who “won’t fly straight!” Let’s hope that any infraction of strict banking regulations is down to genuine error, and not a case of “being a real haza!”

One response to “Customers making a deposit at their bank? Or a scene from Scarface?

  1. Some banks have had trouble in the US over money laundering. Not helping there are cases over here.

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