No place in the black cab trade for dinosaur, sexist bullies

Black cab drivers may slag off Uber,  but a large section of the trade is behaving even worse, and nobody in the trade can see it.  Many BC drivers, mostly the members of Unite Cabbies, are foul mouthed bullies, who attack anyone who criticises them, or dares to point out that over a million Londoners love Uber.taxirankThese men are sexist and think it’s funny. (see below).
Of course enjoy the sausage

You enjoy your breakfast too, oh I’m shocking :-() , “hard liner ”

I Kol nowt @WhiteHarvey @angelneptustar @DougWalker43 @MayorofLondon @BorisJohnson why is this alcoholic being RT’d? She clearly has a problem. Hope she sorts it.

Men are not immune, they only have to point out the benefits of modern technology.

Uber driver gives black cabs the finger.

Uber driver gives black cabs the finger.

How long you been a rent boy then…?


I think she’s on payroll..professional tweeter! Infatuation a must!

dave the head @kentcabby @CabbieLDN @ianjparrott1  @angelique2067 @lucille2067 saw her at city hall dont scrub up very well.if she scrubbed up at all

dave the head @kentcabby @lucille2067 cruella u going demo see boris look a mug again

Clockworkorangegeeza @clockwork0rang1


@billyboymc1975 @Greggypeck  Lockdown in city wharf and cityairport…TOTAL FUCKING LOCKDOWN….. CAP NUMBERS TfL.

@billyboymc1975 @Greggypeck  LOCKDOWN EVERY DAY UNTIL UBER BANNED


The anarchists among the BC drivers obviously believe that competition can be quashed by brute force.   They also don’t care that blocking all the bridges will cost London millions and banning Uber would mean 1,000s became unemployed. This small proportion of  drivers is wrecking it for all the decent ones.

Instead of continually bashing Uber, the BC trade should be looking at themselves.  They badly need to modernise and a black cab app. wud be a good start.    (I was actually going to help them, heaven help me!) But this awful sexist behaviour makes them as bad as Uber.  It destroys sympathy and will create a backlash.   It’s the kind, nice BC drivers I feel sorry for.  One said to me  sadly “All they are doing is pushing customers towards our competitors”.  If only they could see that.

28 responses to “No place in the black cab trade for dinosaur, sexist bullies

  1. AttillatheHun

    Rude bullying behaviour pushes customers into the arms of Uber. Same with strikes. Handing the initiative to their rivals. Not too smart are they.

    • Uber are absolutely delighted. They are the recipient of this appalling behaviour.

      • And so are a disproportionate amount of Uber passengers. I would’ve thought the indisputable evidence of those passengers, who have been recipients of account hacking, data breaching, fraud, gross misrepresentation, and sexual impropriety, not to mention the Guardian’s expose into Uber’s extremely fallible vetting process, might of subdued your misguided alliance somewhat. Alas no! You are akin to the nanny Damian in the Omen. Shameful

      • In the Omen, you are akin to the nanny who protects Damien, thinks he is without fault. BCs need to modernise and see they are not perfect. You are wilfully smug and blind. Shameful.

  2. Except, their customer accounts are being hacked! Phantom trips, which look very suspicious.

  3. Wow. I’m very surprised that @angelnstar is so easily affected by this personal attack and generalised the whole trade based on the few twitter users.
    Government should be spending time thinking how to modernise the black cab trade so that it’s the part of London in years to come. Demos are only indication that something should be done.
    Paying too much attention to the vocal rude black cab drivers is not clever for such institution as government in a bigger picture of things. Surely government should be thinking strategically about the future of London and if they want black cabs to be the part of London in 30 years time.
    We keep the Royal family to be the part of the country. The question is shall we keep the black cab trade to be the part of London? I think they are so important for keeping the London authentic in the ever modernising world.
    Black cabs need help from the brainy people in the government via regulation and funding things like One App so that the trade adapts to the modernising world with the competition from the global corporations like Uber.

    • I was careful not to generalise that it was the whole trade. I said it was a section of the trade and later said ” It’s the kind, nice BC drivers I feel sorry for.” It isn’t the job of government to modernise the black cab industry, that is down to the drivers
      I am surprised you defend this sort of language and behaviour, it isn’t “a few” people behaving like this, it was hundreds. You think obscene comments to total strangers are fine, do you? Am very disappointed in your attitude.

      • Angela, what you fail to realise is this is not taxi versus taxi. This is an $80 billion corporation, with a massive marketing platform and granted concessions by TfL, against 24,000 sole traders with no marketing platform whatsoever. The job of a regulator is to stop rogue industries infiltrating industries who the state dictate stringent working parameters on, ie, vehicles and meter fare. If it was a small local operation, they would have long since had their operators license revoked, the same should apply to offshore -financially backed – corporations

      • Sean, sure, but we are not alone. US, France Germany etc. all ban UberPop but find it near impossible to ban Uber minicabs. Do you think boris has not checked out legal position? Of course he has! If he banned them, wud be back on the streets in five mnutes. He is doing the most sensible thing. High Court over smart phone and upping the checks regs. And no politician is going to chuck 77,000 Uber drivers out of work.I don’t “fail to realise” anything. See it only too clearly, which you guys do not. They are here to stay.

      • And as for backing the filthy abuse of potty mouthed BC drivers, you should be damn well ashamed of yourself.

    • I didn’t delete your post, someone is continually hacking into my account. Have restored.

    • AttillatheHun

      I am disgusted at your attitude. You are defending the most filthy language and appalling behaviour. what is wrong with you, you must be sick. You should be ashamed.

  4. The London Taxi Challenge (Black cab vs Add Lee vs Uber) in Wall Street Journal is won by the black cab!

  5. Why my first post has disappeared? The one that you replied

  6. Very petty digging out tweets like that. Boo hoo someone said you don’t scrub up well. You talk about cab driver using brute force to quash uber, what the hell do you think uber are doing as they destroy cities and livelihoods all over. Also you claim to work for Boris on social media and misspell the word “would” says it all.

    • When you can only use 140 characters, you can use abbreviations. Was merely showing why I tend to avoid discussions with BC drivers. Those tweets and hundreds more like them are the reason. Intend to just make statements re. BCs now, not worth the aggro. Take care.

      • You wrote it on this blog. You’re speaking on a trade you know very little about and expect people not to be angry and frustrated

      • angelnstar

        i expect people to be civilised. there is no excuse for rudeness. If you don’t like what i write, nobody is forcing you to read it.

  7. John, they shouldn’t speak to people like that, out of order. That’s why you are piqued, you know it was wrong. Most Londoners are having a hard time, (not just black cab drivers,) so they appreciate a cheaper option. BC drivers need to behave better on twitter, there will be a backlash soon, and everyone will go to Uber unless these people learn some manners.

  8. I’ve still yet to see this behaviour by BC drivers. Is it just a coincidence also that sexual impropriety committed by licensed and unlicensed minicab drivers has doubled in the last two years since Boris and pals indiscriminate issuing of 30,000 PH licenses. It’s understandable there is a lot of anger about but at least it’s directed Towards the person at the top for a change and not blamed on those at the bottom as is usually the case

    • Black cab drivers and mini cab drivers have also been convicted of rape.

      • Isolated incidents committed by black cab drivers is incomparable to the seemingly ubiquitous 132 sexual offences committed by licensed and unlicensed minicab drivers between 2013-14. MET conservative estimates have risen by 100 in the last year. Surely this has to be a concern for you Angela? I’ve attended all of Mayors question times. Whilst he is referred to domestic violence he has never once given considered thought towards that 80% of stranger rape just committed by unscrupulous minicab drivers

    • Black cab drivers need to get up to speed with modern technology. It’s called progress.

      • Who is that in response to because you’re failed to address, in its entirety, my last comment

  9. No I am not clueless. If you won’t listen or believe me, fine, find out the hard way. Your choice. Your bull headed attitude means you deserve all you get.

  10. At least you acknowledge you are an idiot. Boris is taking Uber to High Court, BTW.

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