If Caroline Pidgeon really wanted to help the black cab trade, she would help them to modernise

It was significant that when Caroline Pidgeon spoke about the difficulties facing the black cab trade, never once did she mention the word “modernisation”.  Boris Johnson explained yesterday at the London Assembly that technology was marching on.  Over a million Londoners have the Uber app and that, combined with lower fares, is contributing to the demise of black cabs.  some cabs have apps, all different. that is worse than useless.

A minicab driver gives his view of attempts ot block Uber

A minicab driver gives his view of attempts ot block Uber

The trade needs a black cab app. unique to them, in every cab.Only then can the black cab trade promote itself properly.  They need some proper PR.  then they would get more work.

The Mayor has to consider all Londoners,  not just black cab drivers, with whom he made plain,  he deeply sympathises. By refusing to  do the same, Pidgeon is selling black cab drivers short.  It would be more honest to acknowledge the progress of technology and help the black cab trade to move with the times.

Boris made it plain he intends to limit the number of minicabs and improve regulation.  He is also taking Uber to court over the smart meter and hopefully there will be a verdict within a couple of months.

By adopting her present stance, Pidgeon may achieve short term popularity with cab drivers, but she is not helping them, nor is she considering the right of  choice of the million passengers who are happy with the Uber app.  If she really cared about the black cab trade, she would acknowledge the importance of modern technology.  To pretend black cabs can survive as they are is misleading and unfair and many believe that the competition is good for the cab trade as a whole.

View of the BBC technology editor is here.

4 responses to “If Caroline Pidgeon really wanted to help the black cab trade, she would help them to modernise

  1. Just a note, in the pic where the guy is utilising his sign language skills, was not a demonstrable point of view towards blocking Uber, it was directed at ME because he was parked up on a taxi rank preventing me from working. I probably wouldn’t have minded if TAXI ranks were paid for by $80billion Uber, but they’re not, they’re paid for out of taxi drivers license fee money

  2. It is strange that while she has been bashing the Mayor non-stop, Caroline Pidgeon has never ONCE mentioned the crucial question of modernisation. She is misleading cab drivers. All industries have to modernise and take on modern technology. To be honet, the black cab industry hasn’t done that.

    I am not saying some cabs don’t have apps. they do. But what is needed is ONE app as you say, for black cabs, and that shud be promoted as the black cab app. Some cab drivers having apps, different ones, is no earthly use.

  3. AttillatheHun

    If the black cab drivers had their own app, and they must all have the SAME app. so it is identified as a black cab app. they would get more work. Every time someone wants a black cab, they ring the app.

    Don’t get it. Why haven’t black cab drivers organised themselves and done this year ago?

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