What exactly is progressive about Sturgeon’s progressive politics?

Nicola Sturgeon is fond of grandiose references to “progressive politics”,  but conveniently never explains what they are.  She also claims Scotland can “spend its way out of austerity.”sturgeoncheeringIt would appear from what Sturgeon was planning to do to Ed Miliband that progressive politics are actually the opposite.  Progressive politics means regressing to old style socialism of income distribution, massive public spending, and universal benefits   Worst of all, it means a return to a control freak state.

Nicola speaks grandly of investment in business, spending on education and balancing the books, but like most rabid lefties,  she forgets that benefits, health care and education have to be paid for.  If a country overspends, it goes bust, like Greece

What is new or progressive about the above? Sturgeon peppers every speech with references to “children in poverty” but she and Salmond are profligate in their handling of public funds.

Boris Johnson wants ministers to go further and make ‘some kind of federal offer’ to Scotland which would involve devolving even more powers. But experts said this would be a poisoned chalice for the Scots because it would force them to pay billions of pounds extra a year for services currently funded by Westminster.

Meanwhile, we are all still waiting for an answer to the crucial question.  What exactly is progressive about”progressive” politics?

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