Organised lefty smear campaign attacks Boris Johnson over his MP role

Labour smear campaigns aplenty attacked Boris Johnson during the election, and they are still going on.  A organised effort to make out that Boris is coining it in now he has won Uxbridge is taking place on twitter.  The truth is, the Mayor is taking a salary decrease while assuming two extra responsibilities.russellbrand2The GLA rules that any Mayor who also wins a seat as an MP, must lose two thirds of their Mayoral salary.  That means Boris loses £98,000 of his Mayoral salary. He receives the £67,000 for being an MP.  So Boris ends up earning £115,000,instead of £143,000

The Guardian insists that Boris is being paid £67,000 for being an MP, and taking his full Mayoral salary of £143,000.  The article that gives the evidence that Boris is within the rules in every sense in becoming an MP was written by Dave Hill, a Guardian writer.

The #SackBoris campaign, linked to Russell Brand is printing the sort of laughably unpleasant accusations dreamt up by a nine year old child. They were making the same accusations about Boris’s salary as the Guardian, with a load of other easily disproved criticisms, including that he was breaking the rules to keep both jobs. They also again repeated the accusations I have repeatedly warned them are libellous about the ABP development.  This Chinese company is suing Channel 4 News.

The Vox Political website is duplicating the accusations of the Guardian.

The tv channel RT UK is also in on the act.  They say Boris has a £67,000 Cabinet post.  They thoughtfully include an automatic RT you can use to perpetrate their pathetic lies on twitter.

Finally the news website UK News is part of the campaign. They also kindly provide a ready made RT.

There may be a few others I haven’t picked up on.

All the above names were given the evidence they were giving out incorrect information, but carried on, with no attempt  to correct their errors. There has been a flood of tweets, the worst being that Boris has a £67,000 Cabinet post.

A faceless member of the Labour Party was assuring SKY News that Labour would win the next election, they only needed to “connect with the public again”  We know what that means. They just intend to lie better next time.

Update:  The Guardian is forced to back down over lies in article.

An accurate version is posted, written by Dave Hill. At least he has some integrity.

2 responses to “Organised lefty smear campaign attacks Boris Johnson over his MP role

  1. Jon Reinertsen

    They are running scared, Boris is the only UK politician with a personality. He says what he means, and he means what he says.

    • Russell Brand is absolutely disgusting. He launches these smear campaigns and doesn’t give a damn that they aren’t true.

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