May 11th, a historic day – Bojo and Jojo Johnson join David Cameron’s cabinet

Admirers of the brilliant Johnson family were ecstatic yesterday. Bojo and Jojo Johnson joined the cabinet of David Cameron. Boris Johnson is still Mayor of London, and he wants to keep his pledge that he will not serve in a ministerial role until his term as Mayor is over. A happy compromise is that Boris will attend meetings of the political Cabinet, held once every fortnight.borisjoAgainst the odds, David Cameron achieved an shock Tory victory, that saw Ed Miliband’s Labour  firmly rejected by the UK, and the Lib Dems decimated.  Boris is not taking a salary for these meetings, nor for being MP for Uxbridge.  His most important job right now is being Mayor, a role he will fulfill  until May 2016.   Jo Johnson has been an adviser to the PM, and is now rewarded with the job of University and Science Minister.

David Cameron can be justifiably proud of a win that sees him head a totally Tory cabinet, unencumbered by the obstreperous Lib Dems.  Vince Cable, the Business Secretary, has gone.  He is replaced by the far more business friendly Sajid Javid.

Outgoing, charismatic Boris could not be more different from his quiet, reserved younger brother Jo, but there will be no rivalry between these two.  The Johnsons, in spite of a chequered childhood (Stanley Johnson and Boris’s mother separated when Boris was 14), are a close knit, exceptionally loving family, who support each other to the hilt. A beaming Boris displayed the Times, when Jo worked at No. 10 first. boristimes

In spite of the problems facing this country, this was a high energy day of happiness and optimism.  The Tories are the party of aspiration, working towards a sound economy and equal opportunity for all. David Cameron proudly told his new Cabinet “We are the real party of working people.”

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