Virulent Sturgeon handed victory to the Tories

Oh my goodness!   She may have force and energy, but strategically, what a disaster!   Nicola Sturgeon couldn’t have helped the Tories more if she had handed them  the head of a decapitated Ed Miliband on a plate!nicoladaveSturgeon continually challenged Ed Miliband to admit he could become Prime Minister only with her help.  With a gloating smile, she rammed home the message that the price would be an end to austerity, and she would be the piper that called the ruinously financial tune.  Scathingly deriding Ed as weak, she taunted him (once again presuming to speak for everyone) “Refuse to do a deal with the SNP and the UK will never forgive you!”  The newspaper The Scotsman blamed Sturgeon for showing all her cards on the coalition deal, insisting she was handing an advantage to Labour.  The paper said “Sturgeon, on diplomatic manoeuvres in England this week, has made it clear she is ready to talk with ­Labour in order to prevent the Tories returning to power. So, if the numbers fall in Miliband’s favour, of course he’s going to call the First ­Minister.

Isn’t he? I’m not sure I’d bother, if I were him. In fact, I’d be tempted to point blank refuse to consider any kind of pact with the SNP. After all, what ­exactly will Sturgeon do if Miliband doesn’t call?  I’m no card player but I know enough that winners don’t show their opponents what they’re holding ­before the game’s over.

And that rule applies, of course, to negotiations, too.  Sturgeon – in an uncharacteristic strategic slip – has done just that. And in showing her cards, she has – perhaps fatally – undermined her party’s position.”

Sky News’ Joey Jones put it even more strongly. “Were you Ed Miliband’s condom,” he asked Nicola?

As it turned out, it was even worse than that.  So horrified were the British people at the way Sturgeon emasculated Ed,  sneering at him as weak and bossily making it plain she would punch his head in if he stepped out of line, they all rushed to vote for the Tories. It was a resounding No to the unbearable little ballbuster.

The ruinously expensive price she demanded for her support was too high and Nicola had touted that price the length and breadth of the British Isles. Not too smart, are you Nicola.

Instead of keeping your cards close to your chest, you bullied and threatened as crudely as a Mafia boss, a member of the Five Families, threatened Michael Corleone.  He let gang leaders think he was weak, while holding his  cards close to his chest.  Look how that worked out. Your flaws, like those of Alex Salmond, are arrogance, unsubtlety and an overwhelming ego.  My prediction is that you will both be the architects of your own destruction.

5 responses to “Virulent Sturgeon handed victory to the Tories

  1. Not fond of them. Grav Lax for me. Five eggs, salt, pepper a couple of tablespoons of Greek yoghurt, when the scrambled eggs are nearly done sprinkle the chopped up Grav Lax on top plus some dill. Don’t use smoked salmon, it is too strong.

  2. Jon Reinertsen

    What is it with the SNP? First a Salmon, then a Sturgeon! What next, perhaps a Pike? As to Boris, “well done that man!”

  3. Digging History

    Certainly a strong contributing factor Angela, a good point. Great win for the conservatives though!
    Good luck to Boris!
    Take care Angela, my regards James 🙂

    • Thank you for your kind comments Great win for Tories! Will pass on your good wishes to Boris.

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