Greed of SNP is “deeply troubling” says Taxpayers Alliance of Scotland

It’s not what you say.  It’s what you do. Who respects the people so much, they are scrupulously careful not to spend money that is needed for hospitals, housing  and schools? And who says they care for the people, but flings public funds around like water?sturgeonhelicopterNicola Sturgeon, while her rivals, including the PM,  make do with a battle bus, travels by presidential helicopter.  Her overweening ego demands her picture on the outside!   Sturgeon tried to claim the cost of her spin doctor, against the rules, on expenses.  She had to return the money

In March this year, Holyrood voted through, after the current pay freeze, a pay rise for MSPs that would give Sturgeon the highest salary of any politician in the UK.  The Scottish parliament voted unanimously on Tuesday to increase basic salaries for MSPs by 0.7%, pushing the official overall salary for Scotland’s first minister to £144,687 – outstripping the prime minister’s overall pay of £142,500 and that of Boris Johnson, the London mayor, who earns £143,911.

In a time of dire need, the expenses claimed by Holyrood are also the highest in the entire UK, £12.2 million.

limoEd Miliband’s commie leanings don’t mean he intends to stint himself. He travels everywhere by chauffeured limo, which costs the public an eye watering £63K a month. That worked out at £757K last year!  Ed’s pious preaching about tax avoidance, like any Russian commissar, do not extend to his own behaviour.  He and his brother made use of a Deed of Variation, described by Gordon Brown as “tax abuse” to trouser over £100KK each on his father’s house. Ed also has questions to answer on Capital Gains. Arrogantly, he consistently refuses to show tax returns.

Ed Miliband has never had to repay any expenses, which is to his credit, but his denial of transparency over his tax affairs is troubling.borisbike2Boris Johnson, as Mayor of London is entitled to a chauffeurred limo.  He refused, preferring to ride his bike. During the first mayoral election, Ken challenged Boris to produce his tax returns, believing he would refuse.   Boris immediately produced tax returns that were squeaky clean checked by a highly respected auditor. ( Ken never produced tax returns, and was found to be using a tax haven, saving himself over £250K.  These lefties, eh?)

Boris has never practiced tax avoidance, as proved by his accounts and he never would.  He has also, like Ed, has never had to return money over expenses.

What possible justification can there be for the profligate spending of Ed and Sturgeon.  ?  A spokesman for the Taxpayers Alliance Scotland described the greed of the SNP as “deeply troubling”.  “MSPs need to have the moral authority to make tough decisions on spending.” they said.  Boris Johnson understands it’s not enough to attack British business over tax avoidance, it’s not enough to continually say you care about “children in poverty”.  It is vital you don’t rip off the system yourself or you have no moral authority.

As far as Ed and Nicola Sturgeon are concerned, we are definitely not all in it together.

2 responses to “Greed of SNP is “deeply troubling” says Taxpayers Alliance of Scotland

  1. The helicopter with her image on it doesn’t look too good.what did that cost?

  2. AttillatheHun

    Very sad that so many people in the SNP think Sturgeon cares about them, she clearly does not.

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