Why I’m betting that Ed Miliband is Alastair Campbell’s sock puppet

A blog in Labour List said that Alastair Campbell is back, according to the Daily MailThe Mail cited a Labour insider in their article insisting that Ali C was prepping Ed Miliband for the leadership debates, but Ed  is being coy, for fear that the move could  backfire.edalicMay I come clean and admit that if there is one thing that really makes me laugh in this election, it’s cheeking Ali C.  Maybe it’s because his ego isn’t exactly tiny, as his bombastic tweets show.

The Labour manifesto, full of US spellings they had been too lazy to change, and also rife with grammatical errors, pointed out helpfully by the Spectator,  that Ali C had been spinning all day on twitter was too good a chance to miss. I tweeted him that the Labour manifesto was an even worse work of literature than the dodgy dossier.  Shortly afterwards, I was suspended from twitter, hahaha.  The kindly intervention of Mayor of London got me back on in a trice, and since I never found the reason,  it was probably just a mistake,  (chortle)

Ed Miliband has an affinity with dodgy dealers.  Apparently Red Ken wrote the Manifesto with David Axelrod  and you don’t sink lower than Ken, but Isuspected all along that Ali C was responsible for far more than they were letting on.  The many smear campaigns on Boris?  All Ali C.

I am convinced, and put it down to a hunch, that Ali C was behind the mugging of Boris Johnson on the Marr Show. and the smear campaign that followed. Don’t ask me why.  I would bet money. The blog I wrote compared the video of the show to the way Marr didn’t moderate and he and Ed talked over Boris non-stop, trying to gag him completely.  The gibes.  The way they both attacked him at the end of the programme, all scream Ali C. It was ultra carefully rehearsed.  The remarks and style of Ed, previously a nervous, gawky goof, and now a tarted up nasty operator?  Pure Ali C.

It puzzled me that somebody was continually briefing the media that Lynton Crosby was doing negative campaigning.  But we weren’t. Was this to cover up the things that research had dug up about Ed?   Labour were running really nasty smear campaigns, but we were blamed all the time for negative campaigning…..

I wouldn’t be surprised if Ali C wasn’t doing the job of Communications Director, but nobody is saying.  There was something about the remarks Campbell was making on twitter.  And I did get the following comment on my blog, from someone with gosh, the same name as me. Ed is no genius, he is parroting his Master’s Voice.

“Is this written by an adult? It looks to me like you are a bitter, dried up, old harridan.”

Somebody is annoyed …….

2 responses to “Why I’m betting that Ed Miliband is Alastair Campbell’s sock puppet

  1. The spin, the sleaze, the stitchups, do we really want this back? It was Campbell who destroyed faith in politics.

  2. This ticks all the boxes. Ali C’s tweets a bit of a giveaway

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