Ed Miliband in a pact with Marr to stop Boris talking

It was pretty clear, quite early on during the Marr show that the purpose of the programme was not discussing the issues, but stopping Boris Johnson saying what he had to say. Marr constantly interrrupted the PM last week.  This week, it was obvious he had made a pact with Ed Miliband to derail Boris.

Undeterred by Marr, Ed Miliband interrupted Boris three times.  He then made a jibe about Lynton Crosby.   When Boris continued to try to explain his position on non doms Marr interrupted, with Ed jeering at Boris over both of them.   Then from Ed, more clearly rehearsed jibes about Lynton Crosby.  Marr then jumped in, to ask Boris about calling Ed a backstabber.  Every single remark Boris made was talked over either by one or both of them together.

Boris did the only thing he could do.  He manfully carried on talking. Never once was Ed challenged by Marr in this section,, nor were Ed’s constant interruptions curtailed in any way.  Then Marr rudely told Boris, (not both of them,) to “shut up!”  This is not the way political programmes should be conducted.

It is clear there was a pact between between Marr and Ed Miliband to big up Ed and prevent Boris from getting his point across.  In the earlier sections, Marr pretended to be critical of Ed, but he could not have been more obsequious if  like a poodle, he had sat up and begged.  Ed  Miliband and Labour are obviously very scared of Boris’s brains and charisma to behave this way.

This is not the first time Boris has been ambushed on the Marr Show. Eddie Mair arranged an ambush that failed.  Afterwards, Boris’s popularity soared, and Eddie lost the the Paxo job.

By engaging in this pact with Marr, the only result was Ed’s reputation for underhand dealings and backstabbing has been proved right.  Once Ed realises voters don’t like this sort of behaviour, maybe that will wipe the grin off his face.

5 responses to “Ed Miliband in a pact with Marr to stop Boris talking

  1. Ed Miliband interrupts Boris three times not a peep from Marr, who jumps in and interrupts as soon as Ed finishes shouting Boris down, then they talk over him together. Marr should be disciplined.

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  3. Marr wouldn’t moderate. No wonder Bojo called him a leftie BBC journalist!

  4. Is this written by an adult? It looks to me like you are a bitter, dried up, old harridan.

    • Hahaha funny comment. The blog is based on the video, so you only have to look at the video to check. Today the press was full of how Ed Miliband and Marr wouldn’t let Boris get a word in edgewise. The evidence of your own eyes will prove. Ed interrupts Boris three times, makes unpleasant jibes, when he is not talking over Boris, Marr does so. Marr makes no attempt to moderate, as he is supposed to do. A political programme should not be handled in this way, wrong to deny someone their say, both Ed and Marr do that. Marr should be reported to Ofcom, Ed has merely proved comments about his backstabbing tendencies are right.

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