Letter from Scot in Standard shows SNP are not what they seem

A letter in the London Standard clearly shows another side of the SNP and the deep concern of many Scots, who know only too well, the SNP are not what they seem.SalmondDoc1GT“As a Scot, living NHS in London, I have been following this election with rising horror as people increasingly warm to the SNP, north and south of the border. I do not believe the SNP is a democratic threat, but any party that believes  full fiscal autonomy is a viable policy for Scotland is not credible.

The NHS is in disarray in Scotland (Sturgeon was Health Secretary under Salmond) and while they claim to be anti-austerity, they underspent their budget by £444 million last year, which could have been spent easing austerity in Scotland.

Sturgeon claims to protect education, but the SNP has cut 140,000 college places. I have not mentioned its demonising of the elderly nor the abusive behaviour on and offline of supporters, but the SNP does not further the argument that this is a “progressive” party.

Morva Wortley (April 22)is right that the electorate deserves a stable government but why anyone would think a party committed to destroying the UK will secure it is beyond me.”   David Robertson

Article in the Scottish paper Herald Scotland showed SNP after biggest underspend for years, blamed Westminster for austerity!  Dodgy to say the least.

Same point is made by Brian Wilson. read his article here.

One response to “Letter from Scot in Standard shows SNP are not what they seem

  1. Very pertinent letter, SNP were described as having some people in their midst who are like “brown shirts” totally undemocratic.

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