Sturgeon needs to man up and stop being such a cry baby!

It started to show in the second leadership debate.  In the first debate, unchallenged, free to push Ed around and make over the top statements, Nicola Sturgeon shone.  But in the second debate,  it was different.  Nicola was challenged on her record by a clued up Ruth Davidson.  She glared at Davidson, looking distinctly uncomfortable.nicolaangryIn the third debate, surrounded by weak opposition, Sturgeon was free once more to make grandiose claims.  She spoke for Scotland! (untrue).  She even had the cheek to say to Ed  Miliband “if you don’t join with me and lock David Cameron out of No. 10, the UK will never forgive you!” So she is speaking for the entire UK now!  Not very truthful!

The article by Boris Johnson in the Daily Telegraph, quite rightly pointing out that if Labour allied with the SNP, it would mean another recession,  seemed to flick Sturgeon on the raw.  The article was full of powerful analogies to make the point as forcefully and memorably as possible that an SNP/Lab would be a disaster, like putting Herod in charge of a baby farm for example.

On the one hand Sturgeon claimed not have read the article. but on the other hand, she furiously declared the Mayor’s examples to be “entirely offensive”.  She made no attempt to answer the pertinent points in the article.  A moving and heartfelt warning from Sir John Major got similar treatment.

Sir John pointed out that Ed Miliband would be vulnerable to SNP blackmail, just as Boris had done. Sturgeon’s response was positively vituperative  Sir John was a “failed Prime Minister”, she said,  his comments were “against democracy”.  How’s that?

Sir John Major won a General Elections by 14 million votes,  the biggest majority in electoral history. Nicola Sturgeon herself lost Indy Ref.   Boris Johnson’s comments, Herod and the baby farm, Attilla The Hun working for the Roman senate,  the fable of the frog and the scorpion,  referred to the Lab/SNP pact, not Nicola personally.  As such, they are perfectly acceptable.

But it is her reference to democracy which is most disturbing.   Nicola Sturgeon sees any attack or criticism of her and the SNP as an attack on democracy?  It is the right of these men to speak out!   It’s called free speech, remember that Nicola?  Impossible to imagine Lady Thatcher making such a huge fuss over colourful imagery or the fact that she was challenged.

Since then twitter has been awash with smears on Boris from SNP members.  He “despises Scottish people” He thinks they “are vermin”. On the contrary, Boris loves Scotland and once went for a job as a rector in a Scottish university.

Nicola Sturgeon had better man up and stop being such a cry baby.   Political badinage is par for the course, you can’t be too sensitive.  Sooner or later she will have to face someone like Boris, and cope with real scrutiny.  Scrutiny about the way she has mishandled the public’s money.  Scrutiny about what exactly she means by “progressive politics” except massive overspending.  And scrutiny on why she considers it undemocratic to be criticised at all.

Update:  On SKY News this evening,  Boris Johnson was astonished at the fuss Nicola Sturgeon has made about his article.  “We are in a fight” said Boris.  “She should stop being so namby pamby and sensitive,”

One response to “Sturgeon needs to man up and stop being such a cry baby!

  1. Sturgeon seems to think she can be as nasty as she likes, but criticising her is against democracy. What tosh! Who is she, Louis Quatorze?

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