Boris gives Ed and Nicola a reality check

It was all getting bloody ridiculous!  Ed Miiband, an absolute backstabber if ever I saw one, was still milking mileage out of the so called “negative campaigning of the Tories! We, the Tories, had gone so so negative! Apart from wrecking his brother’s life, Ed has insulted and hurt the entire community of British Jews, so badly, they all say they can’t vote for him, and call him toxic.  But the media has decided it’s negative to mention it!borisrosetteBoris Johnson wrote a colourful article loaded with memorable examples of how terrible it would be for the country if Labour formed a pact with the SNP. We would be ruined, so he was entitled to be as forceful as he could,   Nicola Sturgeon was upset because of the analogy of Herod and a baby arm.  This  was absolutely offensive,  she was upsets, how could he, and so on.

On his way back from another day’s hugely successful campaigning, speaking to SKY News, Boris Johnson had clearly had enough.  Why shouldn’t we call Ed Miliband a backstabber,  he said bluntly.  Hear hear!  Why indeed?  As for Nicola Sturgeon, Boris was surprised she had been upset by what he wrote.  “We are in a fight.  She shouldn’t be so namby pamby and sensitive” he said crisply.

There is a big difference between negative campaigning, which is making up lies  and calling a spade a spade, however dirty that spade is. There is abundant evidence to call Ed Miliand a backstabber and worse.  And as for Nicola Sturgeon, she needs to get over herself.

One response to “Boris gives Ed and Nicola a reality check

  1. Exactly, if it’s true, we can say what we like. Ed can quit the noble pose, he’s a little shite. Nicola Sturgeon needs to grow up.

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