More horrific details of SNP irresponsible spending!

It is shocking to read how Alex Salmond threw around public funds while he and Sturgeon in public preached about the less well off and children in poverty.   They talk about the suffering of the  Scottish people, but the  truth is Salmond and Sturgeon have an appallingly irresponsible attitude to public money.alexsalmond4Before Indy Ref., in March 2014, the Daily Record reported: “A STAGGERING £1.3million of public money was spent on Alex Salmond’s “independence bible”, figures showed yesterday.

The Scottish Government revealed Scotland’s Future cost £350,000 just to print.  Deputy First Minister Nicola Sturgeon also revealed it cost £75,000 to draw up the 670-page White Paper on Independence and £375,000 was spent on distributing it.”

In August 201, figures released to the Daily Record showed that since the First Ministers Pledge, NHS spending on private care has soared, leading to huge  profits for care firms such as BUPA.

THE NHS in Scotland have spent nearly £100million of public money on sending patients for private treatments since 2011, it was revealed yesterday. The figure will cause huge embarrassment to Alex Salmond , who said three years ago that the private sector had been “eradicated” in Scotland’s NHS. Figures released to the Daily Record show that since the First Minister’s pledge, NHS spending on private care has soared – leading to huge profits for care firms such as Bupa.

£20,000 wasted on non-existent EU legal advice.  Scottish ministers published figures showing they spent £19,452.92 going to court to appeal a ruling by the Freedom of Information (FOI) Commissioner that they had to disclose whether they had sought advice from their law officers on the issue.

Nicola Sturgeon, the Deputy First Minister, suddenly announced the case was being dropped last year because “no specific legal advice” existed, but it was not previously known how much public cash had been wasted.  The row was particularly damaging for the pro-independence campaign as Mr Salmond had previously suggested in a television interview that he had received advice from Scottish Government law officers.  The full facts are in the Telegraph here.

The way that Salmond and Sturgeon handle public funds gives a whole new insight on why they are so anti-austerity.  They have both made it plain they are no friend to the UK, and would bleed us dry.  The cavalier way they chuck money around shows that they are the last partners any responsible politician should work with in the present economic climate.

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