The SNP pose as the Peoples’ Party, but claim highest expenses in UK politics

The current enthusiasm for Nicola Sturgeon,  some of it even in the Tory Party, is, I believe, misplaced.  Progressive politics is just a term she grandly slings around to big up irresponsible spending.sturgeonhypocrite2Sturgeon is not the champion of the people as she pretends, neither is Alex Salmond.  Examine these crucial facts.

1)  Sturgeon continually attacks WM corruption over pay and expenses.  but hides the fact that she and her Ministers claim more expenses than anyone in Westminster.  In  2008, Alex Salmond claimed £116,000 expenses for six WM visits. In 2010, Sturgeon signed off her spin doctor’s improper expenses, which later had to be repaid.  In 2013, MSP expenses totalled £12.2 million.

2)  The population of Scotland is roughly 8% of the UK, the size of London.  Sturgeon’s salary is the highest of any politician in the UK, more than the PM. In spite of austerity, MSPs including Ms Sturgeon unanimously voted through a rise that means her salary for being an MSP and minister will increase to £144,687 next month compared to David Cameron’s total pay of £142,500. Sturgeon has said she will only claim £135,605, although that is still more than the Chancellor and the Foreign Secretary.  Although she has far less responsibility than the PM, Sturgeon sees nothing wrong in theoretically being able to claim more than him.

3) As FM, Alex Salmond spent £400,00 of public funds taking his aides to watch the Ryder Cup, in spite of the financial suffering in Scotland. He spent £500,000 on a party for his aides during the Olympics.

4) Sturgeon has never stopped pushing for another Referendum.  She says “It is the people who decide, not us!”  But Scotland voted against Indy Ref! During the leadership debates, when she raised the subject, Sturgeon was booed.  So Scotland is against Indy Ref, but Sturgeon keeps pushing it, claiming she speaks for Scotland.  She doesn’t speak for Scotland, only 45% of it.

5) Sturgeon laid into the Tories’ policy of Right to Buy.  She didn’t mention that her parents bought their home through the same scheme under Thatcher.

6) Sturgeon wasn’t voted in as FM, she just took over.  When Brown did the same after Blair, she screamed at the situation as “a travesty!”

7) Sturgeon berated Ed for being a “Cameron lite”  politician.  I want you to be bigger and bolder, she bullied him.  Miiband’s first step surely would be to dump a bossy dame telling him what to do, who is determined to put the screws on.

8)  Sturgeon to Ed:  I can make you PM!  Unsubtle.  A combination of Napoleon and  Louis IV, this is the sign of a really overdeveloped ego.  Conceited or what?  Again, the grandiose statements!  If you don’t do as I say, the UK will never forgive you! Nicola, you are not the UK. You are only 45% of Scotland!  Tone it down for the love of God., because it will be all the more embarrassing for you when Labour loses the election.

As for those massive expenses claims, is this what you mean by progressive politics?

3 responses to “The SNP pose as the Peoples’ Party, but claim highest expenses in UK politics

  1. Thank God Boris has given Ed a drubbing and called him deranged. that is putting it mildly.

  2. Disgraceful irresponsibility, why are not more people making this public? Utter shambles if they team up with Ed.

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