Dangerous Liaisons – the BBC Debate was like Wacky Races

The BBC debate was a traumatising experience for anyone with a grain of common sense. The sensible voices of Ruth Davidson, David Cameron and most of all Boris Johnson were sorely missed.  The arena was like One Flew Over The Cuckoo’s Nest, as the panelist vied with each other for the wackiest policy.bennetsturgeonNaked ambition to wreck the union was clear from Nicola Sturgeon, as she bullied Ed Miliband to take a more extreme approach. Ed was blamed for being too estabishment and too pro-austerity. Alex Salmond spent £400,000 taking his aides to the Ryder Cup and £500,000 sozzling booze during the Olympics, while Scotland was starving.  Restraint is certainly not part of the SNP’s plans. As she trashed the Right to Buy scheme, Nicola forgot to mention her parents bought their house that way.

Like a reluctant bridegroom, Ed kept trumpeting No Coalition with the SNP, but a working partnership was clearly still on the table. He vied with the other panellists in making unfunded promises, and bigging himself up.  Apparently, he prevented the US from going to war with Syria. How’s that?  The truth is he couldn’t make up his mind.

Natalie Bennett at least had the sense to keep her more extreme policies to herself, (the Greens want to  throw the Queen out of the palace into a council house, get rid of the army, legalise the right to join ISIS and also Class A and B drugs) sticking to grating statements about curing poverty for children, and shouting “It’s my turn now!” like a spoilt child. Bennet, Wood and Sturgeon had obviously planned to gang up on Nigel Farage and the absent David Cameron. As to who gave the most threatening performance, Sturgeon and Bennett were a tie.

Nigel Farage’s accusation that the audience was full of Leftists had a lot of support on twitter.  He may be obsessed with immigration, but he is the only panellist who understands the economy.

Politics is surely about persuasion, not brute force.  The bullying tone of Sturgeon was deeply repellent.  When challenged on her record in the second debate by Davidson, she looked like a cornered pussycat about to bite.  I did not agree she performed the best, she continually contradicts herself.  If Indy Ref is decided by people, why will she not accept the peoples’ verdict?

Nicola claims the UK will never forgive Ed if he turns down her offer to be kingmaker.  The truth is, we will never forgive him if he accepts.

Every panelist was committed to junking austerity and more borrowing.  Bennett’s grandiose promises of “investment” (she has heard of that word then) were surprising considering the Greens are against growth.

The debate was like Wacky Races.  Who could turn in the craziest performance, Ed won. If only Ruth Davidson had been there to say as before, however good your intentions, you cannot fund anything unless the economic building blocks are there.

One response to “Dangerous Liaisons – the BBC Debate was like Wacky Races

  1. Ed was top, in a debate where coming last was a cause for congratulation rather than otherwise.

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