Three of the best election prospects for the Tories are all women

What’s all this that there are not enough women in the Tory Party?  Maybe,  but there are some treasures standing in this election.  Only recently have I really noticed these three ladies, maybe because two of them are more low key than some of the others, and one is over the border in Scotland.borisangie3Angie Bray, MP for Ealing Central since 2010, has an impressive resume.  She was employed as head of broadcasting at the Conservative Central Office from 1989. She was a press officer for John Major’s 1990 leadership campaign.  She then served as the press secretary to Party Chairman,  Chris Patten during the 1992 general election,  also assisting the Press Office again in the 2005 campaign, after which she worked as a public affairs consultant.  She has also worked on the London Assembly. The impression of quiet, determined devotion to duty is Angie’s style, strength with compassion and understanding.  Unlike some of her flashier, self-promoting Labour rivals, doing the job brilliantly is the priority.victoriaborwickVictoria Borwick:  Mrs. Borwick, Boris Johnson’s deputy at City Hall, is low key at Mayor’s Question Time, but the Mayor has testified what a demon for work she is.  Mrs. Borwick is quietly ambitious, with a steely centre. She stood against Boris for the Mayor of London job and is the candidate for the Tory safe seat of Kensington.   Her bio says: “If Boris Johnson falls under a bus, she is the person who takes control. The genial former businesswoman had a successful career with P&O before coming into politics.”  The overall impression is of quiet,  sweet natured strength.ruthdavidsonI was bowled over by the straight talking style of Scotland’s Ruth Davidson. Here was a lady who answered difficult questions with the actual facts! So direct and up front is Ruth,  she is like a female Boris Johnson, with humour to match.  Unphased by the tough call of fighting the Tory corner in the rabidly lefty arena of Scotland,  she more than good humouredly held her own in the leadership debates. She was the undoubted winner in the second debate, particularly when she unsettled the SNP’s Nicola Sturgeon by challenging her on her record.

Ruth is currently leader of the Scottish Conservative & Unionist party and MP for Glasgow in the Scottish Parliament. she has also worked as a BBC journalist and signaller in the Territorial Army. she is an outstanding asset for the Tories, would that she were an MP in Westminster.

Three outstanding prospects, all women and all Tories.  It would be a crying shame indeed if these three ladies were not voted into Parliament as members.

One response to “Three of the best election prospects for the Tories are all women

  1. Who says we don’t have great women candidates in Tory party eh? these ladies are quality, if they don’t all march into Westminster, it would be a scandal!

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