How dodgy Salmond lied to Parliament and misused public funds

A report from the right of centre think tank Think Scotland makes shocking reading.  The report, written in December 2012, shows that Salmond lied to Parliament and the Scottish people.  It also describes his lavish misuse of public funds. Voters need to know the full facts about this ruthless and unscrupulous politician, who could be helping Sturgeon to boss Westminster and making vital decisions regarding the UK soon.salmondsturgeon

Salmond lied on air to Andrew Neil.  The report says: “On camera being interviewed by Andrew Neil, the First Minister announced that he had legal advice on Scotland’s ability to remain in the EU. He then went to great lengths to cover up this lie by denying through the courts (costing £12,000) a freedom of information request to gain sight of it, only to be betrayed as a liar by his deputy Nicola Sturgeon who informed us that no advice had actually been sought. The EU Commission added to Sturgeon’s statement that no letter or communication to it could be found seeking any advice. Salmond must have known that no such advice was sought but hoped by using the courts he would not be found out to be a liar.”

Salmond clashed with Donald Trump over his grandiose untrue claims. (see report)

During the Leveson inquiry, he claimed his phone was hacked, but was unable to produce any evidence. He was assiduously courting Rupert Murdoch for press coverage at the time.

He tried to rig the Referendum by changing the age limit.

In 2012, he blew £500,000 on a trip so that he and his entourage could watch the Ryder Cup. He and his wife Moira stayed at a luxury hotel near Chicago and blew £370,000 on entertaining.

According to the report ” Ministers in the 34 people junket claimed his visit would generate £100 million for the Scottish economy. A figure still to be verified of course and hard to believe as Salmond was booed by the crowd as he delivered a speech showing the ill feeling Americans still have to the Scottish government after freeing the Lockerbie bomber that killed many Americans.”

The report also says: “During the London Olympics he hired out a private members club in Pall Mall which he christened Scotland House – the cost? £400,000. His expenses are more akin to a head of state but it seems when using taxpayers money the First Minister doesn’t do modest.”

Alex Salmond should have been forced to resign after lying to Parliament and the Scottish people – he wasn’t.

Nicola Sturgeon has now taken over and in 2015, she was pulled up for inflated claims about Scotland’s oil revenues.

She was also caught out on untruthful statements in the second Scots leadership debate.  There are some for whom Sturgeon can do no wrong, but lying for the SNP seems to be a hard habit to break. A lot of trusting Scots could one day have a very rude awakening.

9 responses to “How dodgy Salmond lied to Parliament and misused public funds

  1. Once I got to this, I’m afraid I’d believe Alistair Carmichael before I’d believe anything this clown has to say

    “He tried to rig the Referendum by changing the age limit”.

    How does that work when more 16 – 17 year olds voted No than Yes?

    • You are right, Alex Salmond is the dodgiest of dodgy dealers, poor poor Scots!

      • Dointhebiz

        Ange, I was being sarcastic, the nonsense spouted by the writer is unfounded gibberish, most of his figures are either made up or copied from the Telegraph, we “poor poor Scots” are quite delighted to have the SNP with 56 – 59 seats in Scotland, the only thing I’m upset about was not getting the other 3. 😦

    • It’s all in the Think Scotland report. Link to report is here.

      • Dointhebiz

        Alex Massie and David Torrance…Really? impartial viewpoints from a couple Torylovers, I’m afraid not Ange, but thanks for the link, I kinda prefer my politics to have more of a balance tbh, Hopefully one day our MSM will be obliged to be impartial and all propaganda journalists [as above] will be a thing of the past. 🙂

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  4. Appalling misuse of public funds, while Scotland was suffering. How dare Salmond spend that much on entertainment for him and his pals!

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