Ed Miliband deserted the Jewish community but now wants to be the first Jewish PM

Whatever the merits of the dispute over Ed Miliband’s ability as a backstabber, sensitivity is clearly not one of his qualities.  Ed recently said he wants to be the first Jewish PM.  Benjamin Disraeli did not practice the Jewish faith so is dismissed by Ed because he was an Anglican.  But Ed himself was  brought up as an atheist,  so he does not practice the Jewish faith either.  This is Ed all over.Ken Livingstone, Ed Miliband and Eddie IzzardThat aside, Ed is not exactly popular with the Jewish community and that is the throwaway line of the decade.  Ken Livingstone treated Jewish people appallingly when running for Mayor against Boris, and Ed just went along with it.

In a leader on March 30th, 2012, the Times reported: ““His (Ken’s) late-night comments comparing a Jewish reporter to a concentration camp guard, his extraordinary suggestion that a couple of Jewish immigrants go back to Iran (although they did not come from there), and his decision to present programmes for the state television station of the Holocaust-denying Government of Iran all suggest at the very least an awkward lack of familiarity with Jewish sensitivity.”

There have been more recent insults.  He said that one of his policies was as unpopular as the suggestion that Jews bought disease to Europe.  He later said “Rich Jews don’t vote Labour” The first  comment might not on the face of it,  be an insult, but the example is a tactless one, considering Ken’s troubled history with the Jewish people.  The second comment caused a huge furore until Ken “apologised”.

It was part of  Ken’s strategy during the Mayoral election to play divide and rule,  by insulting the Jewish and gay communities.   Ed Miliband not only did not speak up for Jews, he campaigned with Ken, (as did Tessa Jowell) and on air, said that Ken was the victim of a smear campaign.  This was an absolute betrayal and a total lie.

Understandably, a Survation poll for the Jewish Chronicle shows that only 22% of Jews plan to vote Labour,  but an overwhelming number of British Jews,  69% will vote Conservative.  The Jewish community loves Boris Johnson, dubbed by a Jewish leader “our fearless Maccabee” and “our shining light”.   David Cameron is also very popular, polling 64% against Ed’s 13% on who has the best attitude to Jewish people.

The Jewish Chronicle said on April 7th: “The polling revealed that Mr Miliband’s approach to Israel and the Middle East is seen as toxic within the Jewish community. ” Another article in the JC castigated Ed.  “Blame toxic Ed for Labour’s lack of support.”

When the Jewish community was under attack, Ed bailed. He was not there for Jewish people when they needed him and worse, sided with their abuser.   He cannot gloss everything over now by claiming to want to be “the first Jewish Prime Minister.”   The Jewish people have long memories Ed.  After the Holocaust, with 8 million dead,  you would, wouldn’t you.

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