Now Ed Miliband says he will stop non doms, but when he avoids tax, that’s fine

Ed Miliband declared again “We want to stop tax avoidance”, and this time he is gunning for non dom usage.   He said of nom dom status “It isn’t fair.  It isn’t just.  It holds Britain back and we are going to stop it.”edgrimacesHow is it any worse than using a tax loophole that Gordon Brown described as tax abuse to trouser thousands of pounds himself?  Ed Miliband also has questions to answer regarding Capital Gains.  When asked to present his tax returns, Ed refused. There is some seriously twisted thinking going on here.

Boris Johnson outright accused Ed of having the same motive as the tax avoiders he was attacking.  Boris said “….. the objective was clear: More money kept in the Milibands’ pockets and less for the taxman.  More for Ed, less for schools and roads and hospitals.  He had exactly the same motive, I am afraid, as some of the Tories he has chosen to denounce.”

I don’t think Ed Miliband has the right to criticise anyone using tax avoidance, including the non dom status, unless he can prove he has not avoided tax himself.  There is clearly a reason why he will not present those tax returns.

Ed has no integrity.  It’s don’t do as I do, do as I tell you, like zero hour contracts all again.

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