It’s the Tories who tried to keep the LibDems straight. We failed

Preachy Nick Clegg has the nerve to claim that the Lib Dems have kept the Tories straight, have been a restraining influence.  What a travesty!  The facts show that all the wrong doing has been the other way around.cleggsmirkIt was Nick Clegg who broke the Coalition agreement, not David Cameron. The PM fulfilled his contractual obligations over Lords Reform to put it to the vote.  When the Lib Dems lost, Cleggers ratted out of the Coalition agreement over boundary change.  Now the Tories are still stuck with a system which favours Labour, and is unequal.

Instead of trying to sort out the economy, Cleggie spent his first two years trying to grab as many advantages for the Lib Dems as he could.  AV and Lords Reform were both rejected by voters.  David Cameron only promised to put the latter proposal up for a vote before the House, which he did, so didn’t break the Coalition agreement.  Nick Clegg still insists the PM promised more, an outright lie.  Andrew Neil proved as much to Ed Davey on the Sunday Politics Show. But it was enough for Cleggie to break the Coalition agreement himself, stab the PM in the back and renege on boundary change.

It struck a sour note that Clegg would rail at Tory cuts in defence of the poor, but refused to pay his bar bill at Chevening, which amounted to thousands of pounds.  A huge row broke out over Nick Clegg’s lavish entertaining, when he consistently declined to settle what he owed regarding alcohol consumption at his grace and favour home. He also fiddled his fares as a MEP. David Cameron and Boris would never behave in this way.

When forming the basis of the Coalition,  Nick Clegg could have told the PM that student loans were a deal breaker, he had given his word.  He didn’t.  He dumped the students, preferring to opt for a vote on AV and a promise to put Lords Reform to the House,  both measures that would greatly benefit the Lib Dems. If he thought cuts too deep, why didn’t he block them like he did boundary change and all the defence measures?

The brutal truth from one of his Coalition partners recently was “his name has become a byword for cheap sanctimony, opportunism, gimmicks and lying.” Nick apparently is desperate to cling onto the “chauffeurs and people greasing up to him” and that is why at that time,  he was ratting out the Tories and cosying up to Labour, until Ed said No deal.

Narcissistic Nick Clegg rants that the LibDems have been a moderating influence on the Tories, what a joke!  In Kingston today, he was heckled as a liar.  He has been a poisonous influence on British government,  his pretence of noble behaviour a feeble shield for his rabid self interest. The Tories tried to keep him straight.  They failed.

One response to “It’s the Tories who tried to keep the LibDems straight. We failed

  1. I have no idea how he gets away with it all the time! He’s very good at looking pious and innocent, but what a hypocrite!

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