Even Ed’s favourite film is based on a big fat lie

His aim was probably just to pretend to be a normal person, but in a radio interview, Ed Miliband said he blubbed at his favourite movie, the comedy Pride. prideHe was talking to Absolute Radio’s Geoff Lloyd and said he blubbed at the film about the lesbian and gay community in London who went to demo with the miners in Wales when the mines were being closed down.  Based on a true story,  the National Union of Mineworkers was at first reluctant to accept the group’s support due to public relations’ worries about being openly associated with a gay group. The gay activists go directly to Wales, win over the miners and the union turns out to be a triumph.

The sharply written comedy is a delight as the sincerity of the gay guys wins over the butch  buttoned up miners and character roles are played to the hilt, but the whole film is ruined by the basic thread of dishonesty that runs through every scene. There are vitriolic outbursts at the hated Maggie Thatcher who carries the entire blame for the suffering of the miners.

Like Ed, tears ran down my cheeks, but for rather a different reason.  I was in a rage.  The film is an outright lie. In fact, Harold Wilson and Labour closed far more mines than Maggie did.  Harold Wilson closed 211 mines between 1965 and 1970.   From 1979 to 1990, Lady Thatcher closed 154 mines.

The film has noble elements, great comedy and excellent acting, but it is a Labour promo, with Lady Thatcher as the scapegoat.  The blood of a dreadful deceit runs through its veins. The film is based on a terrible lie, Ed, and you must know that.   It leaves a dreadful taste.  Why do you think I was crying?

3 responses to “Even Ed’s favourite film is based on a big fat lie

  1. Jon Reinertsen

    Reminds me of a pro Union film I watched at Uni, the mine owners were oppressing the coal miners, (not in the UK) so the miners went on strike and all sorts of nonsense ensued. Major problem! The mines at the time were owned and operated by the state Labor government which had done a deal with the miners union! The union made film failed to mention this, so the Union triumphed again!

    • It is quite disgusting how lefties have made poor Maggie Thatcher the scapegoat for theie own failures. ShMagge has borne the entire burden of blame for closing the mines, whereas in fact Labour closed 211 and she closed 159 mines. Maggie also built more council housing in one year than Blair/Brown built in the entire 13 years of Lab. gov.When Maggie died, Ken Livingstone, the evil little shit, had the nerve to say on air at her funeral”She didn’t build any housing!” The f…… f…….. little liar! Was beyond angry.

  2. Absolutely disgusting movie for Ed to like, great story in itself, that’s not the problem. Problem is the way the script blames Maggie Thatcher when it wasn’t her fault.

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