Has Ed fluffed it again? Hell yes!

We all knew it, didn’t we?  Ed Miliband would only have to adopt another crusade and the wheels would come off in the next 24 hours.  Ed was trying his hardest to demonise zero hour contracts, although more and more solid research was flooding in to prove him wrong.edembarrassedA member of the  respected HR body, CIPD, spoke out on SKY to say that 60% of workers with ZH contracts had higher job satisfaction than people in steady jobs.  Lack of pressure and flexibility made these contracts an attractive proposition for students and mums wanting freedom and the extra money.

Workers on ZH contracts total only 3.1% of the total work force.  Yes, that figure is higher than before, but it’s still only 3.1%

Ed’s dramatic reaction was more like the bosses were Egyptian Pharoahs, leaning on overworked Israelites over the pyramids, demanding bricks made out of straw.  It’s not quite that bad Ed.  60% job satisfaction is pretty good and obviously ZH contracts fill a niche in the jobs market for people who need more freedom than steady jobs allow.  They are there for a purpose.

Ed would insist that the workers are being exploited.  Unfortunately, 68 of the callous, hard hearted exploiters of the workers are Labour MPs!   Interesting stat!  That’s roughly a third of the party! 22,ooo Labour councillors also use them, as does Labour’s major union donor. It’s a car crash!

Never mind Ed, there is always your other crusade to fall back on!  The blacklist you made of the companies who are practicing tax avoidance!  Remember?  So you will be returning the huge amount of dosh you trousered using that tax loophole, will you?

UPDATE: 2/4/15  Employers and legal experts say if Ed cracked down on zero hour contracts, it would cost scores of jobs.  Statisticians accused Labour of using “unjustified propaganda”.  Does Ed even bother to do any research before barging off on these ill thought out crusades?

3/4/15  UNITE union sacked a worker for objecting to zero hour contracts.  The union is Ed’s biggest donor, and uses the contracts whenever they like.

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